AmericanA to Z – Tom Petty

Tom Petty is one of the strongest and most resonant of all the artists connecting the 1970s to current Americana. In a desperately shortened career that still spanned over 41 years he wrote songs that appealed to the plaid wearing beer-drinking hell raisers, the shiny popsters with their beatboxes and hip shoes, the blue-collar workers heading out to their dead-end jobs singing to their dashboards about freedom and every other social grouping besides.  Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Tom Petty”

Video: Barry Jones “The Journey”

Barry Jones is one half of Liverpool’s Southbound Attic Band who have become something of a sensation around these parts for a particular song of theirs which involves a sausage. Probably the best song ever to involve a sausage we’d wager after LadBaby’s ‘I Love Sausage Rolls’. Barry indeed once upon a time was AUK’s Interviews Editor and so his connection with the site is both set in stone and written in blood. His new track ‘The Journey’ is inspired by Leonard Cohen’s letter to muse Marianne Ihlen just before her death in 2016.

Green Leaf Rustlers “From Within Marin” (Silver Arrow Records, 2020)

Ever wondered what Chris Robinson does in his spare time? Well, it seems he’s fond of playing locally in Marin County with a bunch of buddies in a band called the Green Leaf Rustlers. And not just any old buddies as the band consists of Robinson (guitar, vocals) along with Barry Sless (David Nelson Band, on guitars and pedal steel), Greg Loiacono (The Mother Hips, on guitars), John Molo (Bruce Hornsby, on drums), and the legendary Pete Sears (Rod Stewart, Copperhead, Jefferson Starship, on bass). According to Robinson, “Green Leaf Rustlers are a Marin County hippie hayride, rockin’ and rollin’ through our favourite classic cosmic country covers and keeping the good people dancing the night away under star-filled western skies.” And that just about sums up this two-disc vinyl live set. Continue reading “Green Leaf Rustlers “From Within Marin” (Silver Arrow Records, 2020)”

AUK’s Chain Gang: Caitlin Rose “Dallas”

Last week’s chain gang song was ‘House of my Soul‘ by Longhorne Slim. Longhorne Slim lives in Nashville, so I’ve gone for a geographical connection. As you can imagine, this opens up quite a lot of options… The track this week is ‘Dallas‘ by the brilliant Caitlin Rose, taken from her 2013 album ‘The Stand In‘. The song was written by the Felice Brothers and first appeared on their 2011 album ‘Celebration, Florida’. Plenty of potential connections there!

Ralph McTell extends Streets of London

These are not normal times, that much is for sure.  And in these days of self-isolation Ralph Mctell has asked his listeners to consider the plight of those who can’t self-isolate: how do you stay at home when you have no home?  It’s prompted the folk singer-songwriter to do what he has always refused to do before – add a new verse to ‘Streets of London.Continue reading “Ralph McTell extends Streets of London”

Migrant Worker “Migrant Worker” (Independent, 2020)

Reviewing a new release, particularly a debut release, by a band you’ve never heard of before, is always going to be something of a lottery. As with any lottery, most of the time you are likely to find hopes turning to disappointment. Occasionally, you may be rewarded with a small win. However, without wishing to flog the metaphor to death, the debut album from Migrant Worker can be considered as striking the jackpot. Continue reading “Migrant Worker “Migrant Worker” (Independent, 2020)”

Jonathan Hultén “Where Devils Weep” – Listen

We can’t tell you how often we hear the question “Hey, Americana UK, why don’t you say more about Death-Metal to folk crossover artists, huh ?” And if it is you that has been filling our Email Inbox with this request, well, today is very much your lucky day.  For Jonathan Hultén is just such a one – lead guitarist of Swedish monsters of death-metal Tribulation, he has this year released an introspective acoustic album. Continue reading “Jonathan Hultén “Where Devils Weep” – Listen”

Video: Hollie Rogers “City of Colour”

Hollie Rogers has a stunning voice and it’s used to full effect on her latest single, ‘City of Colour’.  It’s powerful and emotional.  Having performed at various festivals, including Glastonbury, Black Deer and Isle of White, she’s building a great reputation founded on those soaring vocals.  Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) has described her as: “Reminiscent of Carole King and Joni Mitchell. Amazing voice.” Continue reading “Video: Hollie Rogers “City of Colour””

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jeremy Pinnell

When times are tough, we need to find ways to come together and celebrate.  Many of us find joy in live music… now that’s in short supply at the moment, so we’re sharing ‘mini-gigs’ from great artists to compensate.  Jeremy Pinnell has a wonderfully characterful voice, used to full effect on Gary Stewart’s ‘Blue Ribbon Blues’ and ‘Big Bright World’ from his debut solo album, ‘OH / KY’Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jeremy Pinnell”

Here’s another track from the next Jason Isbell album

Ahead of the release of his anticipated (and we don’t use that word lightly) new album ‘Reunions’ which is due out 15th May on Thirty Tigers, Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit have released another new track called ‘Only Children’. RS Country have described it as “is the most sparse, nostalgic offering from Isbell’s Reunions to date, weaving an intimate tale of two up-and-coming bohemians. “Will you read me what you wrote?/The one I said you stole from Dylan,” Isbell sings on the four-minute, largely acoustic track.”