Kacy & Clayton announce Jeff Tweedy produced album “Carrying On”

Canadian folk/roots duo Kacy & Clayton have announced details of a new album ‘Carrying On’ which is due out via New West Records on 4th October 2019. The 10-song album has been produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and recorded by Tom Schick at The Loft, Wilco’s recording studio and rehearsal space in Chicago. Continue reading “Kacy & Clayton announce Jeff Tweedy produced album “Carrying On””

Ardentjohn “Malin Head” (Adulation, 2019)

The album’s title is taken from the name of the most northerly tip of the island of Ireland, Donegal to be precise, the last headland before Greenland, where folks will tell you that more ocean liners and German U-boats have sunk off this coast than probably anywhere on the planet. It is a bleak but beautiful part of the world, and, coincidentally, featured in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. An interesting place after which to name your record. Continue reading “Ardentjohn “Malin Head” (Adulation, 2019)”

Maverick Festival – Day One, Easton Farm Park, Suffolk, 5th July 2019

Now in its 12th year, Maverick Festival continues to be one of the premier festivals of the summer for lovers of Americana and roots music, the culmination of founder and director Paul Spencer’s working year. Festival goers with ages spanning, at a pinch, three generations were up for entertainment over a whole weekend but your intrepid AUK reporter could only attend the first day and that didn’t get off to a great start as seemingly the entire population of East Anglia chose to drive their juggernauts up the A12 that afternoon in order to prevent our timely arrival. However, arrive we did. The sun was warm but not searing and the music was as stimulating as ever. Continue reading “Maverick Festival – Day One, Easton Farm Park, Suffolk, 5th July 2019”

Alice Howe “Visions” (Independent, 2019)

Boston, MA native Alice Howe releases her first full-length album and there’s no doubt it will propel her right onto roots music lovers’ radars. Hard driving blues, modern folk or country ballads, Howe does it all with refinement and a velvety soprano voice. ‘Visions’ includes a collection of classic songs from blues and folk greats (namely, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke and Taj Mahal), as well as Howe’s own finely ornamented creations. Continue reading “Alice Howe “Visions” (Independent, 2019)”

Video: Shawn Colvin “Ricochet In Time (30th Anniversary Acoustic Edition)”

Shawn Colvin’s  Grammy-winning classic album ‘Steady On’ has it’s 30th birthday this year and to celebrate there’s an acoustic reissue released on September 13th.  This of course is taken from it and the video has footage from her original tour supporting it.

Silver Lake 66 “Ragged Heart” – Listen

Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo, for Silver Lake 66 is them, offer a slice of clear as crystal non-ironic classic pedal steel drenched country  on ‘Ragged Heart‘.  It’s the kind of song that a cheerfully inclined Patsy Cline might have recorded – it burbles and bounces and overflows with lovin’.  It’s also the title track of their most recent album.

Laura Victoria “Today’s Another Day” (Independent, 2019)

Laura Victoria has taken her time over producing the follow up to her debut album, which was well-received in 2015. It was worth the wait. ‘Today’s Another Day’ is a consistently engaging collection of songs about the end of a loving relationship leaving the space for something new to emerge. It is a set of thematically and lyrically strong pieces that blend traditional folk with traces of rock, blues, country and pop. The cello-playing singer-songwriter from Northumberland has a distinctive voice that brings to mind Kate Bush or Tori Amos; Continue reading “Laura Victoria “Today’s Another Day” (Independent, 2019)”

Songs for the apocalypse: Great Lakes “Precious and Reckless”

Occasionally here at AUK we get sent an album which we probably wouldn’t have come across in a million years had someone not thought to wing it our way but which blows our collective mind. ‘Diamond Times’ by Georgia’s Great Lakes (not be confused with Great Lakes-Wimmers) is one such record – the arrangements, the composition, the songs themselves, not to mention frontman Ben Crum’s vocals and harmonies. For me it’s as perfect a record as we’ve ever been sent and the track ‘Precious and Reckless’ from the album might not be the most reckless thing you’ll ever hear, but it’ll certainly be one of the most precious.

Jesse Malin announces UK dates for 2020

Jesse Malin has announced a headline UK tour to follow the release of his Lucinda Williams-produced new album ‘Sunset Kids’, which is out August 30 via Wicked Cool Records/Velvet Elk. The New York singer-songwriter will follow his previously announced show at London’s 100 Club on September 17th with an extensive UK tour in March 2020. Continue reading “Jesse Malin announces UK dates for 2020”

Flagship Romance “Concentric” (Independent, 2019)

For an album penned almost exclusively on the road, touring from house party to small-town theatre, ‘Concentric‘ sounds on first spin a little too glossy, a little too Nashville paper hat for the homespun rags to rags story that follows this New Mexico duo around. On the next listen you realise that was a false dawn, that ‘Flagship Romance’ and their long-time associate and producer Lee Miles Buchanan have lulled you into a comfort zone, only for the initial illusion to be subsequently shattered by the razor-sharp harmonies, fusion styles and culturally dynamite content that initial sugar-coated impressions may have left. Continue reading “Flagship Romance “Concentric” (Independent, 2019)”