Track Premiere: Sam Morrow “Gettin’ By On Gettin’ Down”

Today’s Track Premiere ‘Gettin’ by on Gettin’ Down‘ is the title track of Sam Morrow’s new album, which is slated for release on 30th October on Forty Below Records.  It an album that sees Morrow taking a somewhat direction, toning down his country roots – although they’re still clearly there in the mix – and pushing his rawer rock side to a higher level than before.  Continue reading “Track Premiere: Sam Morrow “Gettin’ By On Gettin’ Down””

Video Premiere: Stephie James “West of Juarez”

We are delighted to share the video premiere of ‘West of Juarez’, the latest single from the acclaimed Stephie James.  The song is taken from the well-received EP ‘These Days’, which is a favourite here at AUK.  Check out the review here.   The cinematic video is full of drama, the perfect complement to James’s weary, story-telling vocal.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Stephie James “West of Juarez””

10 songs about truckers and trucking – Part 2

So many good things were left out of the recent first offering that here’s a second helping of songs about truckers and trucking, including two very different takes on the same track, some thoughts about female drivers and a final track that needs, and has, no introduction or commentary (you may be relieved to hear). Continue reading “10 songs about truckers and trucking – Part 2”

Joshua Burnside “Depths of Hell” (Independent, 2020)

The moment that an almost industrial clatter opens ‘I Saw The Light,’ the opening track on Joshua Burnside’s second effort ‘Depths of Hell,’ you immediately realize that you are in a bit of a left-field musical ride. Some who like to stick to their personal, strict definitions of a genre, would even question if the Belfast singer/songwriter has come up with an Americana album after all. But the answer to that question is much more simple and complicated at the same time. Continue reading “Joshua Burnside “Depths of Hell” (Independent, 2020)”

Elvis Perkins “Creation Myths” (MIR/Petulama Records,2020)

Full disclosure. This reviewer was quite enamoured of Elvis Perkins’ first two albums, ‘Ash Wednesday’ and the more emphatic ‘Elvis Perkins In Dearland’, at the tail end of the aughties, finding him to be a literate and sensitive purveyor of well written and delicately performed modern folk songs, not too far removed from the likes of Eef Barzelay. He fell off the radar somewhat afterwards, working with his brother, Osgood, on soundtracks, and ‘Creation Myths’ is his first fully fledged recording in some time. In a somewhat contradictory fashion, the album consists of songs composed around the time of his first album but here recorded in a lush, and at times intoxicating, blend of cosmic country and sixties pyschedelic pop. Continue reading “Elvis Perkins “Creation Myths” (MIR/Petulama Records,2020)”

Video: Cristóvam “Setting Sun”

‘Setting Sun’ is the smooth, rhythmic new single from Portuguese singer-songwriter Cristóvam.  His soulful vocal evokes a nostalgic longing for home.  For Cristóvam, home is the gorgeous Azores islands, which feature prominently in this beautifully directed video.  The song tells the story of two people so lost in one another that they can get through anything. Continue reading “Video: Cristóvam “Setting Sun””

Malcolm MacWatt “The Widow And The Cruel Sea” – Listen

Skail – it’s an old Scots word meaning to disperse, scatter and sail over water, it’s also the title of Malcom MacWatt’s new EP, which contains songs of the emigrant links between Scotland and America.  ‘The Widow and the Cruel Sea‘ tells a story of hardship in a fishing community, the forging of compromised bonds and the beckoning light of hope across the Atlantic. Continue reading “Malcolm MacWatt “The Widow And The Cruel Sea” – Listen”

‘The Twang Factor’ presents: DeLila Black

Our guest on ‘The Twang Factor’ this week is rooted in americana but is not afraid to experiment with it. Her music blends in other genres, styles and beats to produce a unique ‘alt-americana’ sound exploring what she describes as a mix of “electro-mountain, country-noire, punk-country, Afro-billy, roots-rodeo and good ol’ traditional”.  She also does an “americana genre mashup DJ set”, which is something that we at AUK would rather like to experience. Continue reading “‘The Twang Factor’ presents: DeLila Black”

Bill Brimer “A Genealogy of Ghosts” (Independent, 2020)

A Genealogy of Ghosts’ is the debut solo album from Bill Brimer. In early 2018 he challenged himself as a songwriter to release an original song a month, which resulted in a significant musical canon to support a regular touring schedule of “bars, coffee shops, festivals, conferences, weddings, funerals and churches”. Covid-19 inevitably put a stop to that, but it has lead to him recording the songs for this release. Continue reading “Bill Brimer “A Genealogy of Ghosts” (Independent, 2020)”

Video Premiere: Matt Owens Feat. Elles Bailey “Another Song About the Devil”

The latest single from Matt Owens is a powerful piece, both musically and lyrically; it’s an emotionally resonant political statement and a hugely enjoyable listen.  The vocal performance from Owens is excellent and he combines well with the bluesy Elles Bailey, an inspired choice for a collaboration.  The song is written from the point of view of the Devil, who sees “…people doing worse in the name of God.”  Owens takes an interesting theme and translates it into a crowd-pleasing melodic rock number, displaying superb songcraft. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Matt Owens Feat. Elles Bailey “Another Song About the Devil””