Home Life – Matt Harlan

Houston based Matt Harlan, like many artists in these surreal times, would have been a way into promoting his excellent fifth album, ‘Best Beasts.’ released here in Europe by Continental Record Services., at this point in his career.  Instead he is holed up at home contemplating an unknowing future as the world starts to envisage the ‘new normal. Not one to hide from his opinions, ‘Best Beasts’ is a raw and honest account of how Harlan sees the political climate in America, beautifully played and arranged alongside guest artists like Jon Dee Graham, himself never one to hide in the emotional cupboard, and the always excellent Bettysoo.  Harlan has always seemed very much his own man both as a songwriter a live performer, his work very much bears the mark of an artist very comfortable in his own skin. A period of lockdown might not be too hard a proposition?  Americana-UK caught up with Matt and asked how he was bearing up with being put on hold for a while and what are those albums or songs he was reaching for to ease the stress levels.   Continue reading “Home Life – Matt Harlan”