‘The Twang Factor’ presents: West on Colfax

There has been much discussion in recent times about the demise of the traditional band as a vehicle for making music and particularly performing live music. Those putting forward such arguments point to the costs involved in performing as a band, set against ever-decreasing returns. At ‘The Twang Factor’ we have seen this borne out by the very small number of band entries that have come in. It was therefore particularly pleasing to hear from West on Colfax, not just because they are a band, but because they are a damn fine one too. Hailing from various parts of Lancashire, the band are actually a five-piece, although perform here as a four-piece as in keeping with the times, one of their number was self-isolating at the time of recording. Continue reading “‘The Twang Factor’ presents: West on Colfax”

Home Life: West On Colfax

Drawn together by a love of americana and alt-country, Lancashire based West On Colfax have been gathering significant exposure – and a number of new fans – on the scene this year, gently footing the foundations for the release of their debut album, ‘Barfly Flew By‘  that was released on Greenhorse Records last month. An impressive mix of melancholic realism and sullen heartache, classic ingredients for any noteworthy roots enthusiast, it’s also an album that will appeal to those who like their americana served up thoughtfully, honestly, and with more than a dash of grit.  Americana-UK caught up with bassist and lyricist Scott Carey who, as a key worker, has found lockdown and these last few months particularly stressful and then get a sneak preview of what’s been on his decks making things a little more bearable. Continue reading “Home Life: West On Colfax”