Union Duke “Atlas Of Love” – Listen

Union Duke offer this song of anxiety in love – the feeling that one partner in a relationship is a drag on the other, doubly tough when you’re identifying yourself as the drag “You’re the atlas of love / I’m the weight on your back.Continue reading “Union Duke “Atlas Of Love” – Listen”

Another reminder to vote in this year’s Americana UK readers poll!

The votes are still trickling in for our poll of the year and while trickles are normally better than floods, in this instance your favourite artist might not be getting the exposure they deserve because YOU can’t be bothered. OK not you, the person sitting next you. Both of you – Head over to our voting page to make your choices – as always, some of these categories do come down to a handful of votes, so every one really will count. You can vote until December 15th 2019.  Happy votings!

Piers Faccini “Hear My Voice” (Beating Drum, 2019)

Based in the south of France, Piers Faccini runs a label called Beating Drum and has released a series of EPs featuring singular singer songwriters from around the globe. For the fourth instalment, Faccini features himself which, given he’s the boss, is his prerogative. That said, the four songs here are all fine in a very laidback, crepuscular folk style. Continue reading “Piers Faccini “Hear My Voice” (Beating Drum, 2019)”

AmericanaFest 2020 – over 75 artist head to London next month!

We’ve already covered 2020’s AmericanaFest which returns to the UK at the end of January next year, and now details are emerging of the array of artists who’ll be playing the festival which is, er, extensive to say the least. You might need a calculator to count them all. Continue reading “AmericanaFest 2020 – over 75 artist head to London next month!”

Jon Boden & The Remnant King, Union Chapel, London, 21st November 2019

This evening at the Union Chapel kicked-off in a low key way with Jon Boden wandering on stage and explaining that there wasn’t really a planned support, but that multi-instrumentalist Rob Harbron would do twenty minutes or so on English concertina. And this he duly did with a series of meandering tunes taken from his new album appropriately entitled ‘Meanders’ which illustrate how inspiration can come from many sources – could be a Travelodge stay, could be the song of a blackbird. Or it could be a deliberate attempt to reconnect with his birthplace by learning Lake District folk tunes that had impinged not one note onto his consciousness in his youth. It made for a nice little extra as a warm up to the gig. Continue reading “Jon Boden & The Remnant King, Union Chapel, London, 21st November 2019”

The Restoration “West” (Independent, 2019)

The Restoration describe themselves as an “indie, folk roots outfit” from Columbia, South Carolina. In fact, they are primarily the working vehicle for songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Machado. ‘West’ is a deeply personal album centred around Machado’s father David. The songs explore a father’s dysfunctional upbringing and the impact on his relationship with his own son. If all that sounds hard going, well, yes it is. The words ‘concept album’ tend to have a similar effect on this reviewer as those equally trepidatious words ‘drum solo’. Nevertheless, headphones were donned, prejudices put to one side and mind opened up. Continue reading “The Restoration “West” (Independent, 2019)”

Dawn Landes announces UK tour dates

Dawn Landes returns to the UK for a run of 4 dates next month. The Nashville based singer-songwriter is renowned for what is commonly referred to in the media world these days as ‘synchs’ i.e. where segments of an act’s songs may feature in television, film, a YouTube video, or – increasingly in the modern era – video games. In exchange, the artist gets paid a “synchronisation” fee upfront and depending on where and how often the track is played in public, they also receive royalties – an increasingly important consideration given how difficult it is to sell records these days. Dawn Landes’ music has featured in popular television shows such as ‘The Good Wife’, ‘House’, ‘Skins’, and ‘Gossip Girl’. Continue reading “Dawn Landes announces UK tour dates”

Dean Summerwind “Parked By The Lake” – Listen

We’re hoping we’re not too late to the punchline on this one, but this song by Dean Summerwind (not his real name) is getting some interest because it takes a song by Dustin Christensen (that is his real name) and completely reworks it to humorous effect.  And goodness knows we could all do with the occasional laugh.  Continue reading “Dean Summerwind “Parked By The Lake” – Listen”