AUK’s Chain Gang: Counting Crows “Monkey”

Photo credit: Jason Kempin

Following Ramsay Midwood I was tempted to go the way of Glitterhouse Records and perhaps plump for a Mark Olson track. I can’t help feeling guilty about my scathing review of the gig when he played Bedford with Victoria Williams – a car crash in several ways! But that would be churlish to bring those memories back. We have all moved on! So Midwood sounds like Midlake?? No not really, that’s not how this sort of thing works. Ramsay then? Are there any songs about British PM Ramsay McDonald in my collection?… No, fraid not. So it has to be related to the title ‘Feed My Monkey’ and there it is, a doorway to an almost perfect track from site favourites Counting Crows.

‘Monkey’ is piano driven ditty with a delightful chorus and jaunty harmonies jumping all over the place from the 1996 album ‘Recovering the Satellites’. I would humbly suggest it owes much to an appreciation of Macca but it’s a crackerjack track with a proper finish to boot.

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