Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra kick off UK tour next week

Newcastle-based genre-hopping roots quintet Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra, who Uncut described as “evoking the spirit of Bob Wills and Django Reinhardt”  will be setting off on a UK tour next week which runs from October 9th-25th, in support of their new EP ‘Eta Carinae’. The EP transcends the band’s roots of old-time jazz and blues to encompass the ‘modern’ influences of 60’s country and Beatles-esque psychedelia. Continue reading “Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra kick off UK tour next week”

Songs for the apocalypse: Wilco “She’s a Jar”

‘Summerteeth’ was the album that turned the masses on to Wilco, well the masses by relative americana terms, and it’s crazy to think that it was twenty – twenty! – years ago that it landed. Creating their own rift of what americana should sound like, the album included moog, banjo, tambourine, and piano among other instrumentation, underpinning Jeff Tweedy’s cracked vocals. ‘She’s a Jar’ was the highlight for me with its almost dream-like arrangement which carries lyrics such as “watch me floating inches above the people under me.” It’s a timeless track from an album which still sounds like a modern classic today.

The Band release 50th anniversary edition of second album

When The Band’s seminal eponymous second album was released fifty years ago on September 22, 1969, not much more was known about the reclusive group than when they released their landmark debut ‘Music From Big Pink’ to widespread critical praise and bewilderment, just the year before. Continue reading “The Band release 50th anniversary edition of second album”

Sturgill Simpson “Mercury in Retrogade” – Listen

We leave you for this week dear reader with a track from Sturgill Simpson’s new album ‘Sound and Fury’ which it’s fair to say is getting fairly glowing reviews (The Guardian this morning said: “it’s hard to think of anyone else who’s done it by making an album as gripping and enjoyable as this” and gave it 5 stars). We’ll have a review for you when we pull our fingers out. Have a good one – see you next week.

Carter Sampson announces October/November tour dates

Carter Sampson burst onto the European Americana scene with the release of her album ‘Wilder Side’ in 2016 and the six follow up tours within the year of release. She’s making that seven now with the release of her album ‘Lucky’ last year (which we gave a glowing 9 to, describing it as “Sampson’s best album to date, and one of the best Americana albums of the year so far”) preceding a tour this autumn which will take her to the Netherlands, England and Scotland. Continue reading “Carter Sampson announces October/November tour dates”

Songs for the apocalypse: The Jayhawks “Sound of Lies”

It’s one of those paradoxes in life that while in my head I prefer the Jayhawks with Mark Olson, in reality some of my favourite songs by the band are from the era when he was no longer a member. The title track from the first record recorded without Olson back in 1997 was as exceptional as anything they’d produced before, with a lyrical honesty and melody that absolutely crushed me on first listen. Gary Louris’ vocals have never sounded so vulnerable. There was a raw nostalgia to lines such as “When I was young, outspoken, Mama said it’ll work out right.”  Sometimes of course it doesn’t.

Kacy and Clayton announce UK dates for 2020, release new single

‘That Sweet Orchestra Sound’ is the new single by Canadian psych-folk second-cousins Kacy & Clayton. The track is taken from the new album ‘Carrying On’, due out via New West Records on 4th October. The 10-song album was produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and recorded by Tom Schick at The Loft, Wilco’s recording studio and rehearsal space in Chicago. Continue reading “Kacy and Clayton announce UK dates for 2020, release new single”

AmericanA to Z – Silver Jews

As this series faltered to a grinding halt at the beginning of summer (which clearly now feels like it was about 20 years ago), the next letter up was “S” which provided so many opportunities it was difficult to narrow it down to one single artist. And then David Berman died and it became obvious of course. Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Silver Jews”

Nathan Bell announces new single and EP, UK dates

Nathan Bell was voted Male Performer of The Year in our 2017 annual readers’ poll and came runner-up in the same category at the end of last year, so it’s fair to say he has a lot of UK fans which is a good thing since he has announced a new eight-track EP and vinyl single alongside some UK dates for next month. Continue reading “Nathan Bell announces new single and EP, UK dates”

John Prine duets with Kelsey Waldon – Watch

We leave you this week dear reader with a lovely clip of John Prine who has released a new video of his 1971 classic song ‘Paradise’ which he plays with Kentucky-born country singer Kelsey Waldon. The song will be released as a 7” vinyl single, with the B-side featuring a cover of the Merle Travis song ‘Kentucky Means Paradise.’ Waldon has toured with Prine in recent years but this is the first time they’ve recorded something in a studio together. Let’s hope it’s not the last. Have a good one.