Charlie Sutton “Trout Takes”

Chuckwagon Records, 2022

Downhome yarns have a bewitching charm.

Charlie Sutton Trout Takes album artA whole album around the subject of fishing may sound as appealing as a corkscrew to the eye to some folks but don’t run away so fast as Charlie Sutton conjures up a beguiling musical stew exploring this much-loved pastime. The whole album reeks of authenticity with its lo fi vibe, marvellous finger picking and witty lyrics all topped off with Sutton’s laid back drawl. ‘Fishin’ Hole’ speaks for itself with some lovely instrumentation, ‘One Eyed Trout’ is the fish’s perspective as he waits to be devoured by critters! 

Just a Man’ has a whiff of JJ Cale meeting Wayne Coyne with the heartfelt lyricism and tongue in cheek combining in delightful style washed down with more of that guitar and it veers away from the piscine obsession. 

As the album progresses it becomes clear that this has the potential to be a classic, the elements combining to wonderful effect in each song. There is a joie de vivre here; a celebration of the simple things in life on the stone skimming song ‘Flat Rock River’, it’s almost childlike in its delight. The fiddle accompaniment to ‘General Store’ feels ancient as Sutton reels off the contents of the store, again like a nursery rhyme whilst talking about buying fishing flys and getting free coffee.  

IF you like your sounds rootsy and acoustic with a splash old woodsman about it then I heartily recommend this warm hearted, dust covered joy.  


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