Graham Bramblett “The Great Inbetween” (Independent, 2020)

Born and bred in Dallas, Texas and following a stint on Nashville’s Music Row, Graham Bramblett has two full-band records under his belt. This time around, however, this stripped-back 6-track boasts no bass, electric guitar or drums yet the vibe Bramblett achieves with his characterful vocal, upright lyrics, and charming musicality is vividly imposing. Each song has an elegance and thoughtfulness, most oozing fun but with sobering undertones besides.

Bramblett hasn’t been afraid to wear his heart and soul on his sleeve and express some heartfelt concepts but without anguish or gloom.
This collection of songs are a joy to listen to and although the closing song says ‘You Can’t Dance [with your hands in pockets]’ it and others make you want to. Think cowboy boots and Stetsons and the image is complete. The opening song ‘Tom T. Hall T-Shirt’ even has ready-made Stomps already in it. It is also a song in which Bramblett expresses his pleasure in proudly strutting around town, just as long as it is somewhere he is familiar with.
Rain on the Roof’ has some very pretty sounds and lovely female accompaniment on vocals, and although it was born of being caught in a thundershower, it has a lilting, relaxing ambience and beautiful use of the steel guitar.

Stickers’ is a real guys view of breaking up and how nothing lasts forever. A refreshing angle on an age-old emotion, not many men openly admit. At least, it would seem, not many put stickers on their cars, anyway.
The One That I Want’ takes things up a notch again and will have you back in your cowboy boots. It provides the EP title ‘The Great Inbetween’ along with another dose of fun.

Never fear, however, if it is pure beauty you are after as that comes through in spades in ‘What Do You Do’. With female accompaniment again and simply stunning piano, they don’t come much better than this one.

Bramblett wears his heart and soul on his sleeve with charming results

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