Heartless Bastards “You Never Know”

Heartless Bastards "You Never Know"

Six years on from their last release, Heartless Bastards share a new song, ‘You Never Know‘, ahead of their eagerly anticipated new album, ‘A Beautiful Life‘.

Frontwoman Erika Wennerstrom is very much the creative centre of Heartless Bastards. She started the band back in 2003 as a songwriting project, playing most of the parts herself until she eventually assembled a rock band capable of matching up to her impassioned vocals and powerful songwriting. These days, Heartless Bastards have evolved into an excellent root rocks band, with Wennerstrom’s songwriting and vocals consistently growing in confidence across the band’s career.

Without losing any of the power, recent Heartless Bastards releases have seen more of a country and Americana influence infusing the songs and ‘You Never Know,‘ continues that trend. Over some lovely warm acoustic guitar, shuffling drums and some softly twanging guitar, Wennerstrom’s vocal comes in bathed in gorgeous strings and lovely harmonies. It’s a stunning combination and throughout the song the production never lets up, bringing in layer on layer of beautiful harmonies and hooks.

Wennerstrom describes how, during the writing of ‘You Never Know‘, she imagined it being set in the world of Wes Anderson’s, ‘Moonrise Kingdom‘. She says, “There’s a sense of adventure and innocence that youth embodies whether it’s with love or goals and dreams. This song is a reminder to stay open. Life is short. Take chances.

Director Vanessa Pla takes the Wes Anderson challenge straight on, pulling together a breezy, clever promo that makes several nods to the famous filmmaker’s signature quirkiness, but still very much with her own creative take. Shot in super-8 style, there’s lots of visual humour and clever references that keep the viewer engaged throughout: neon face-painted cowgirls, dance sequences in wildflower meadows, mirrors as doorways, ladders to nowhere, fur hats in the desert, monkey bike, and even a zebra… all great fun.

It’s a great song with a very engaging video. The album promises to be worth listen, too… and based on this track, you can expect it to be superb.

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Martin Johnson

Americana UK will be posting an interview with Erika Wennerstrom next week. Watch this space