Jason Isbell to play livestream gig for album release day

Jason Isbell’s new album ‘Reunions’ is out on Friday – our review should be landing with you tomorrow – and in celebration of its release, he’s announced a live performance of it from the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville. The acoustic livestream concert, will air free via fans.com at 8 p.m ET in the US (so basically the middle of the night here but hey, it’s a Friday). Viewers will be encouraged to make a donation in support of both Isbell’s crew and the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Isbell will be joined by his wife and bandmate Amanda Shires but the venue will be otherwise empty of any audience. Although it was due to open in Spring, the combined Nashville tornado and Coronavirus have put paid to that for now – it has not had a lucky year.

Isbell talked to the New York Times earlier this week about the new record and his new sobriety which was challenged when he accidentally took a swig of 27% abv. “I was concerned but not enough to be like, ‘Call somebody,’” Isbell’s wife Shires explained to them. “I said, “If today’s going to be the day, let’s find you a real nice bottle because I’m not going to let you just have Listerine.”

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