Jill Barber releases new single and announces upcoming album

Jill Barber has announced her latest album ‘Homemaker‘ which will be released on February 10th via Outside Music. This Canadian’s eleventh album comes after the critically acclaimed and award-winning 2018 album ‘Metaphora‘. Written and recorded in Barber’s adopted hometown of Vancouver, where she lives with her husband and two children, ‘Homemaker‘ is the first record that sees Barber in the role of a producer, co-producing with Erik Nielsen (City and Colour) and featuring some of Vancouver’s top session players like Paul Rigby (Neko Case), and Geoff Hicks (Colin James). “These songs are so damn personal, and such a deep reflection of my soul, that I felt an almost maternal instinct to both protect them and produce them for myself,” says Barber, “I really feel like I stepped into my own power as a producer on this record, with a lot of generous assistance from engineer/producer Erik Nielsen, who really championed my abilities in the studio.“.

Barber says on the album’s content, “One day I was headlining Massey Hall, and the next day I was sweeping a messy hall. I was afraid to break the spell of the more romantic version of myself that I put out there in the world and which helped define my career, but I eventually reached a breaking point where I needed to write this album in order to reconcile these two versions of myself and feel okay about all aspects of who I am.“.

The album will be available on vinyl, CD, and on your favourite streaming platform. You can pre-order the album from the artist’s website.

1 – Instant Cash for Gold
2 – Beautiful Life
3 – Homemaker
4 – Joint Account (feat. Slow Leaves)
5 – Woman of My Own Dreams
6 – Hell No
7 – My Mother’s Hand
8 – Big Eyes
9 – Helium
10 – Still in Love

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