Joost Dijkema “After Thunder Sun”

Twin Dimension Records, 2023

The third album from a Dutch multi-instrumentalist who writes, sings and plays all of the instruments.

album artwork for Joost Dijkema After Thunder SunAfter Thunder Sun’ is the third album from Joost Dijkema, a Dutch multi-instrumentalist who not only writes, sings and plays all of the instruments- guitar(s), banjo, pedal steel, drums, bass and percussion- but also recorded and mixed the songs.

Of the ten songs on the album, six are instrumentals where he displays his virtuoso guitar playing, ranging in styles from acoustic to classical, and from country to the blues. Album closer ‘The Chap From Wrytree‘, one of these instrumentals, is an ode to the legendary singer songwriter and guitarist Michael Chapman, who was a huge inspiration.

Creatively, ‘After Thunder Sun‘ expands Dijkema’s musical colours from 2019’s ‘Time Thief‘, and this is most notable on the four offerings where his warm vocals come to the fore. His style is not unlike Mark Knopfler in the early days of Dire Straits, homely, gruff and at times almost spoken. ‘Beautiful Ride‘ is catchy and upbeat, and the driving bluesy folk rocker ‘Shards Of Love‘ deals with trying to make a living on your own in the music industry. ‘(Packing In For The) Train Of Doomsday‘, at just under six minutes, is the centrepiece of the album, with that voice alternating with long guitar solos as the song builds to a crescendo, and then on ‘Buddy‘, the palette is further enriched by the harmony backing vocals of Flora Karsemeijer; it is a song written in the heat of the moment after the passing of his dearly loved dog, and is beautiful and haunting.

Dijkema is a highly talented musician, and although by the end of ‘After Thunder Sun‘ the listener may struggle to distinguish one instrumental from the next, his songwriting and playing is most definitely worthy of attention and a widening audience.

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