Luke Tuchscherer to release new album “Widows & Orphans” in April

Photo by Jez Brown

Singer-songwriter Luke Tuchscherer has announced his delayed fifth album ‘Widows & Orphans’ will finally be coming out on the 21st of April this year on Clubhouse Records. Originally written in 2017, the album contains singles ‘Broken Jaw‘, ‘A Year and a Day‘, and the latest track ‘Happy New Year Darling‘.

Of the recording, Tuchscherer said: “I’ve been talking about this album in interviews for a long time. In August 2017, I was putting the drums on Dave Banks’ solo album. We’d earmarked three days for that with Chris Corney as the engineer, but I managed to get them done in two. So with the spare day, Dave and I went to Chris’s studio and recorded Widows & Orphans.
 We did all our guitar parts, and my vocal completely live and then overdubbed some harmonica. We were only there for four hours! I was originally going to release the album as it was, as it had a really cool vibe to it, kind of like Time (The Revelator) by Gillian Welch. But then I ended up putting out Carousel in 2019. That was already a solo acoustic album and I didn’t want this one to sound too similar.
 So I enlisted Edwin Ireland to put some cello on it in spring last year and he absolutely blew me away. He didn’t just play cello, he added piano and double bass and really transformed the album into something beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve been sitting on this record a long time and I’m very excited to finally get it out in the world.”.

Luke Tuchscherer and Dave Banks will perform at an album launch show at the Green Note in Camden on the 24th of April. You can buy tickets for the album on the venue’s website. The album will be available as a CD with an eight-page booklet and on your favourite streaming platform. You can preorder the release on Bandcamp now.

Americana UK caught up with him after the last album, ‘Carousel‘, and you can read that story here.

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