Megan Lacy “Salvation”

Independent, 2021

Megan Lacy reveals her road to Salvation.

Salvation‘ is Megan Lacy’s debut EP and an invitation to follow this woman’s promising career. This singer-songwriter from California, now based in Austin, Texas is one to watch. More than just one woman and guitar with songwriting steeped in traditional subjects of personal growth, her talent is worth paying attention to closely.
Recorded and produced by Justice Douglas at new studio King Electric says, “vocals are the most important element in your music” and he has put Lacy’s voice front and centre of the songs. Comprised of soft guitars, quiet keyboards, warm vocal-lead harmonies, the music takes its time to unfold and tell its stories.
The first and title track, ‘Salvation’, opens with almost acapella vocals about her mother, a theme that continues across the next four tracks. A song that sets the listener up for the confessional nature of the EP. A song about the insomniac nature of heartache follows with ‘Don’t Rest’. Ironically, a song so languid it could be a bedtime lullaby or prayer.
Carolina‘ was released first, as a single. Lyrically the strongest song on the EP, Lacy sings about caring for the woman who cared for her. Moving lyrics about dementia and support are told through beautiful harmonies reminiscent of Eva Cassidy. ‘No Better‘ is a swing-time love song with a cheeky pun, “I’m no better, but least I know better now“, a song you could sing arm in arm at the end of the night.
The final track, ‘Watch This‘ declares, “Watch this, I’m gonna get out“, a song of hope and direction, revealing that the EP is a carefully planned message, a musical mission statement of positivity and strength; Plus the music is excellent.


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