Quick “Paper Planes and Picture Frames”

Holy Smokes Records, 2022

Progressive Newgrass with a jazzy flavour and some great harmony vocals.

Quick paper palnes and picture framesQuick are a ‘newgrass’ band based in Glasgow. They have been described as “”incorporating progressive and intricate concepts played through traditional acoustic instrumentation”. They have an expanded line-up adding Fiddle and Double Bass to give a fuller sound.

The first song ‘Limonds Wynd’ is a Jazz flavoured piece with the Fiddle playing Saxophone like lines over the harmony vocal. With Bass and Mandolin weaving around each other the song winds up as a 30’s style Jazz tune with all the instruments playing their own parts but all blending well together.

Mother’s Hymn’ is a slightly more Bluegrass based tune with Banjo and Mandolin taking the lead. Again, the progressive intricate elements are there, with a more Celtic sound creeping into the Fiddle part. The vocals are treated more as another instrument than with the words standing out above the music. More Jazzy progressions close the song.

The ballad ‘Paper Planes’ is where the harmony vocals that are Quick’s most unique feature are shown off best. Musically the most traditionally bluegrass of the four songs here. If you are uncertain about “Newgrass” this makes an easy introduction. Once you have been captured by their harmonies the more progressive parts of their music will just fall into place.

The last song on the EP, ‘Annaleigh’, is another gypsy jazz flavoured song, with a guitar solo with more than a hint of Django about it, and more great harmony singing. Quick are great fun live and played a good set at the Doune The Rabbit Hole festival this summer. The blend of folk, Jazz, and Bluegrass works very nicely and set off with the harmonies gives them a unique upbeat feel that mixes the best of all those genres.


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