Richard Warren “Disentangled” (Hudson, 2017)

Those of you familiar with Richard Warren’s previous solo records will know what to expect from this fourth album – Disentangled.  You won’t be disappointed either. Sounding like a stoner/psychedelic happening featuring Duane Eddy on guitar and Richard Hawley on vocals; it’s equal parts weird, hypnotic and excellent. Welcome to the fertile outer edges of Americana.

Opening track Only Always is a fuzzy, riffy instrumental drone worthy of Warren’s pedigree as former hired hand for Spiritualized (amongst others). On Last Breath we hear Warren the crooner, sounding like the aforementioned Richard Hawley (after a week of drinking, smoking and fighting). The battered, broken country vibe continues with Simplify – twangy guitars bent almost out of tune to signify the wretchedness. A cheap drum machine beat underpins Silvertown, again an instrumental, with echo-drenched guitar drones reminiscent of Bowie’s Heroes. No Way Back is as ‘straight up’ a loser country crooner ballad as Warren delivers – almost Radio 2 friendly. Disentangled, the titular track is an almost bluesy instrumental – a slightly Stonesy vibe within the depths of reverb. Withered Tree completes the album – a slow marching drum beat carries along a guitar melody of faded triumph and past glories celebrated. It could be the national anthem of the saddest country on Earth.

Author: Mark Nenadic

Quite likes music. Doesn't really like people. From The North. Exiled in The Midlands due to radical views on whippets/flat caps. Beards and plaid shirts belong on Willie Nelson. Everybody else should smarten up a bit ..

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