Sarah Watson “A Mother’s Guilt” (Independent, 2018)

Twenty years is a long time away from making music to feel the urge to start over again. West Yorkshire based, Welsh born Watson has done just that. Brave. Here she presents a simple, uncomplicated set of five folk meets Americana compositions. Just vocals and acoustic guitar. Nothing here for the artist to hide behind. The opening, titular song is a happy-sad ode to her children. Despite some rudimentary production and occasionally faltering harmonies, it’s quite charming.

‘How We Part’ is brisk but dark, the disintegration of a marriage lay bare. ‘Reminded of You’ has hints of Simon and Garfunkel in its fingerpicking guitar refrain. Gentle, soothing and uncomplicated – a recollection of how Watson keeps someone dear in her mind. Escape continues in the same vibe. Final track ‘This Is Our Dance’ muses on the basis of love that may or may not still be there amidst the house, the bills, the kids, the jobs etc. It’s a situation that would resonate with many ‘grown-ups’.

Watson’s songs would probably benefit from some fleshing out, instrumentally, to strengthen their appeal. However, kudos to her for getting back up to her feet and releasing her music to the world after such a long hiatus. So many other people wouldn’t have the guts to do so.



Simply sung, simply delivered folky Americana. Quite charming too

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