Sean Devine “Here For It All”

Independent, 2021

Do you like Country music? Good. You’ll like Sean Devine.

Well, this is quite nice. Straight down the middle, no messing about, full-blooded twangy country music.  Rooted some place in the 1980s/90s, if we’re intent on pinning down the sound to an era. Sean Devine is from Montana, which directs the rugged, unfussy arrangements and honest songcraft that springs forth from the classic one man and his acoustic guitar. Dylan, Prine, Kristofferson  – they’re all held in high regard and serve to influence these songs. Fun fact – Devine is the same age as this reviewer (neither of whom are spring chickens).

Embracing the simple sentiments, the opening track is also the title track. ‘Here For It All’ rolls in cheerily with dobro and twang.  Devine sings of divorce, single fatherhood and getting through it to the other side. It’s as plain and honest as any song ever written.‘Talking About Texas and Tennessee’ does just what it says. It’s an homeage to country music. Perhaps a little too clichéd for some ears, but entirely in keeping with Devine’s stock in trade.

‘The Palomino Mustang’ is darker and intriguing. An homage to a cowboy’s ‘wild horse’ equine wishes and dreams. ‘Can I Get A Witness’ closes the set with sympathies for those oh too familiar hard-luck stories that form the backbone of country songs.

You want your Americana kept simple? Then pull up a chair. Sean Devine’s got you covered.


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