Something for the (very) long weekend: Sean Taylor and the Sex Pistols (sadly not at the same time)

Well that’s it from us this week dear reader – if you’re not UK based and wondering why it’s such a short week it’s because our Queen has been “Queen” for 70 years and you know, there is nothing that our dear prime minister likes more than a bit of hyper-nationalist rabble-rousing which is coming in particularly helpful for him right now. As American comedian Doug Stanhope once said “You guys still have royalty? How embarrassing is that? You still have queens and dukes and princesses. Do you still have wizards and fairies and dragons? For God’s sake is this a country or a renaissance festival? What kind of dungeons and dragons bullshit is that?”

We leave you on that note with not one but two clips – alongside the Sex Pistols’ recently re-released standard we have a brilliant little song from Sean Taylor who describes it in his own words as “an alternative English national anthem” which he is releasing just in time for the Jubilee alongside a limited edition ‘This Is England’ signed poster. All profits go to the Kilburn, Quex Road Food Bank. You can order it and read the spot on lyrics to it here. Have a good one – Vive la revolution comrades!

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Mark Whitfield has been Editor of Americana UK for the last 20 years while also working in public health as his day job, which has been kind of busy recently.
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