Something for the weekend: Paul Kelly “To Her Door”

Well that’s it for another week dear reader and we leave you with an epic of a song you’ve never heard before, not unless you’re already familiar with Aussie legend Paul Kelly’s songs. ‘To Her Door’ was originally released by Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls as a single ahead of their second album ‘Under the Sun’ back in 1987 but this version is from the latest of his ongoing series of compilations looking back at his career. This one has drinking as a theme and one such exhibit, ‘To Her Door’ has been described as “described as a brutal and beautiful attempt at reconciliation”. If you like this, why not try it in original flavour? Have a good one.

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David Wedge

A great choice Mark, particularly for those of us already fortunate enough to be famliar with the work of the ‘Aussie Dylan’! ‘Bout time he came to the UK again though don’t you think?

Phil Writter.

I hear what you’re saying David – but he’s not the “Aussie Dylan”. Bob is the “American Kelly”.

Phil Writter.

Kelly will never be up there with the greats, Dylan, Springsteen, Van Zandt, Blunt et al.

He’s surpassed those mere mortals. He’s higher.