Something for the weekend: Ruston Kelly “Michael Keaton”

Ruston Kelly
Photo provided by Rounder Records

That’s it from us for another week dearest of readers and we leave you with yet another track from the forthcoming new Ruston Kelly album “The Weakness” but honestly this is the biggest earworm of the year so far. Kelly said of the song: “At the time I was trying to date again and eventually realized that I needed to step back from that, and just let myself live in that space of thinking weird stony thoughts at 3 a.m.”

The lyrics are a hoot and the melody is sublime: “It’s 3:35 in the morning, And I thought CBD would not get me high, But here I am thinking What if Michael Keaton killed himself in multiplicity, Would that be genocide?” Answers on a postcard please. Have a good one.

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