Something for the weekend: The Avett Brothers “Victory”

Another week in the life of AUK passes by like sand through a pair of glasses. I had an interesting conversation with AUK reader Barry Cooke this week about The Avett Brothers and how some fans feel that Rick Rubin’s heavy-handed production almost drowns out the essence of their songs these days. Barry pointed me to this version of 2016’s ‘True Sadness’ which is indeed a very different beast to the album version, and despite my defence of the band’s recent direction, I do agree on reflection it’s probably superior. Foiled again! Curse you kids, etc. Anyway we leave you this week with the first track to be released from their forthcoming album ‘The Third Gleam’ which lands on August 28th, a record which sees the band returning to their roots, playing as a trio with longtime bassist Bob Crawford. The black-and-white, stripped-down video is directed by Crackerfarm and “echoes the vulnerability and intimacy of the track as they contemplate darkness and the power to persevere.” On that cheerful thought, have a good one.

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