Sophie B. Hawkins to release first new album in over a decade

Photo by Nigel Dick

Sophie B. Hawkins has announced a new album, the first in eleven years, which will be released on April 7th on Lightyear Entertainment. ‘Free Myself‘  is here seventh album and follows on from ‘The Crossing’ released in 2012. The Grammy-nominated, LGBTQ+ activist and platinum-selling artist first emerged with two of the biggest hits of the ’90s’ Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover’ and ‘As I Lay Me Down’.

The album was co-produced alongside engineer Ken Rich (Ani DiFranco, Ingrid Michaelson), which departs from her previously self-contained recording. The new, more eclectic album includes singles ‘Love Yourself‘ and ‘Better Off Without You‘.

The album came to life after a tumultuous period that Hawkins calls “my personal tsunami“, which included splitting with her longtime partner and returning to New York after seventeen years in Venice, California. “I came back to where I’m from and decided to have my second child, and through all that, and from all that, this album came to be“, says Hawkins.

One thing I’ve heard from people is that my songs have been like teachers to them, and helped them along on their journey“, Hawkins shared, “With this new album and with all of my music, I hope it helps people to feel more connected to their own heart. I hope it brings them closer to whatever makes them feel so special and valuable, and makes them feel like they’re here on this planet for a reason. That’s what the music I love most has always done for me.“.

The album will be available on vinyl and cd and is already available on your favourite streaming platform; see the artist’s website for preorders.


1. Love Yourself
2. Better Off Without You
3. Green Eyes
4. Free Myself
5. Consume Me In Your Fire
6. Hungered For Love
7. Fairy Tales
8. Angel In Disguise
9. I’m Tired Of Taking Care Of You
10. You Are My Balloon

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