Sounds from beyond the Shed 128 – ‘Blast off!’

If it ain't live it ain't worth a ....

Time to kick out the jams… again

Every year at about this time I look at the diary and if I haven’t got any gigs in there I go online and find at least one for every month up until June. Don’t know why, other than it appears to be an almost physical need for live music and the atmosphere it provides. This last Monday was supposedly ‘Blue Monday’ and we’re all meant to be feeling rubbish but can I suggest the perfect tonic? – get yourself to a gig or two, or if you can’t do that book several to look forward to.

My gig jacket (see above) which accompanies me to every live event lives in the airing cupboard when not on the road, so when the boiler started leaking on Monday it was the first thing I rescued. It is a bespoke piece, hand-made with love by a fella by the name of Evil Uncle who I met at the Red Rooster festival. It cost a pretty penny but I was drunk when I paid for it to be made and I don’t regret a penny. I’ve even had people come up to me at gigs or festivals and ask for a hug – and this is after they’ve seen my face!

So the gig jacket is ready and the diary entries start this weekend with the Brown Horse album launch in Norwich and next weekend with Jason Isbell at the Union Chapel followed by Ferris and Sylvester in Milton Keynes in early February. Things are definitely looking up now if only someone would commission my sitcom.

This week I have been reflecting on early Jason Isbell and late Leonard Cohen as well as broadcasting another show chockfull of delights such as The Alabama Shakes, Rainbrother, Pete Bruntnell and many more. My sincere apologies for the picture accompanying the broadcast but someone once said I had big ears and I took it to heart.  As ever take what you want or need.

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