Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 101

More summer sounds

Copyright: Natasha Mulhall photography

Your listening treat is here!

Some lovely feedback about last week’s show on CRMK (Tuesdays 7-9pm) and the Mixcloud linked below. Many thanks. Some of you had issues with the playback on the link returning to the start of the show each time you stopped listening. Mrs H informed me through clenched teeth that she was trying to support me by listening but if she had to hear Neil Young one more time she might strike me with a copy of the Archives box set just to make sure she damaged me! After downloading the Mixcloud app and searching for Sounds from beyond the Shed she was able to subscribe ( at no cost) and the problem went away.

Even so I’m toying with the idea of having two links available – Side 1 and Side 2 – conveniently… each would be an hour rather than a two-hour show and depending on feedback from your good selves we could trial next week. Please let me know. Also requested was a track listing which should be emailed to you if you follow on Mixcloud but I will post here in the comments section once the column is live on the site.

As ever take want you want or need.

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Loved the first edition Keith. Some excellent music, some familiar but much new. A track list would be much appreciated as I would like to follow up on a number of artists that were new to me. Many thanks.


Thank you Keith!