Sounds from beyond the Shed – week 20

Half term beckons and the pull of the sea is strong

Never have so many students been assessed and teachers marked so much – roll on the weekend!

The horrors of the pandemic notwithstanding, our Yr 11s and Yr 13s have really had a grim time of it both socially and academically. If, dear reader, you are under the illusion that exams are off therefore pressure off, please have a sit-down and a quiet word with yourself. Not only are these kids being assessed twice as much as they would have been, but universities are now struggling so much with deferred intake from last year that the offers being made are greatly reduced and often not even there. As it turns out, exams would have been completely possible (given that, this is exactly what’s happening by any other name) but instead there are numerous hoops teachers have to jump through to evidence marks which makes the whole process both long and soul-destroying.

Still, half term on the horizon and your correspondent is heading to the sea for some bracing walks, seafood and beer. The Suffolk coast has long been a draw and the town of Aldeburgh is going to receive a massive financial boost in the hospitality sector. I have been worried about Adnams‘ ability to overcome the effects of the pandemic and have been saving up to support them in their time of need. I’ll let you know how it goes….

Meanwhile, scouring the shelves this week brings some real goodies. It’s singer-songwriter week! Firstly the greatly underrated Mark Eitzel with a swooning, gorgeous version of ‘Western Sky‘. Then the brilliant new song from Pete Bruntnell featuring a great fan-based video – made me laugh out loud. And finally the incomparable Ryley Walker with a live take on ‘Primrose Green’. As ever take what you want or need.



Highly anticipated 


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