Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 74

Born to be Wild - first track played

Photo Nick Barber - Hiss Golden Messenger

Got my motor running…

Ami photo

Whilst not wishing this series of articles to become sidetracked may I beg you indulgence as I share with you the pleasure: I got this weekend from taking ownership of my new Citroen Ami. Turning up at the showroom and seeing it under a blanket was quite a thrill despite overhearing the sniggers from the sales office.

The rep was very helpful whilst apologising for the lack of wheel trims, carpets and interior details, apparently, they arrive in the post, and I have to retrofit them! He then raised a quizzical eyebrow and said, “I hope you don’t mind me asking but how are going to get back to Wellingborough (16 miles)? There are some A roads aren’t there?”

“Not a problem” I replied, “Plenty of room for people to get past.” And so it was, and the journey took only 10 minutes longer than it would normally, 30mph being the top speed. However, once home the teething trouble began as I found that my plug converter failed to work. No problem, still 19 miles in the ‘tank’. The following morning coming to work at 6am the cold had taken 5 miles out of that which meant that one small hill reduced me to 9mph. I arrived at work and leapt on the EV charger only to find… it wasn’t compatible and is being decommissioned but that’s a whole other story. 2 miles left on the clock. Tesco one mile away… and the chargers worked. Three hours later full tank (40 miles) and 87 pence lighter. Now 40 miles for 87 pence is pretty good and when I sort my home charging on night rate it could work out at 13 pence for a fill-up. Who’s laughing now? All of us. You at me and me at the energy companies. It’s a win-win.

The Tom Petty Fillmore set arrived this week and it’s fabulous. However, we played Petty last week so here’s some Jonathan Wilson, Paulo Nutini and Hiss Golden Messenger – all of whom I have seen play support to the besainted Tom.

As ever…

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