Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 88

Without art we are nothing

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Art not just for art’s sake but for all of our sakes.

Working in education means I regularly brush up against things that are not mainstream once school days are done. By this I mean regularly seeing art being hung on the walls, hearing poetry read or discussed, watching or creating dramas, be they scripted or improvised, or just talking about a great book or piece of architecture.

Last weekend I attended the affordable art fair in Battersea. It was a brilliant day out, although one person’s affordable is another’s long cherished dream in terms of money. That said, just spending time walking through aisle after aisle of vibrant creativity was a real fillip for the soul and coupled with seeing the extraordinary development around the old power station left me feeling full of joy at the power of art and expression that still reverberates despite the seemingly endless shower of shit being shovelled our way week in week out. My top picks were and

Sound this week are varied from the power pop bathe of Todd (complete with butterfly eyes)to the new ruminations of Steve Gunn/David Moore and then finally some new Dream Syndicate in honour of their upcoming dates. As ever take what you want or need.

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