Sounds from the Shed – Week 48: How do you explain

Anger is an energy

How do you explain ….

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One of the things that has been thrown to the wolves in recent years with the drive towards results driven statistics is the sense of a holistic education wherein teachers use their academic lessons as conduits for life lessons that last long beyond the memory of specific equations or treaties in the 18th Century. Now the constant drive to complete curriculum allows very little time for discussion and reflection beyond the lesson plan and proposed pedagogical outcomes (ffs).

The horror of Ukraine has presented me with classes full of genuinely scared children who are watching, perhaps for the very first time, scenes of destruction and human misery that is happening to people who live like them. Lessons concerning Hitler’s annexation of Austria, Sudentenland and Czechoslovakia have become parables for the situation that is unfolding and more often than not morphing into impassioned political discussions as the next generation wrestle with selfish wants compared to humanitarian needs. There is a sense of outrage and also helplessness and it is reassuring that indifference seems to have gone out the window – for now.

The anger expressed in my classroom concerning the Home office lies about people in Calais being ready to help refugees was reassuring. And all of this without any prompting from their objective educator. Those f*ckers in Whitehall better get their act together!!!

Some very spiky sounds this week. First up the extraordinary The Tubes, then Alberto Y Trios Paranoias with a foray into snuff rock and finally some perhaps more traditional AUK fare Dumptruck. It’ll be calmer next week I promise

Turn it up!!!! 

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