Sweet Virginia “Leaving Again”

Glitcha Records, 2022

If her debut album ‘Leaving Again’ is any measure, Sweet Virginia should definitely stay.

2022-Virginia-LAThe singer-songwriter from Colorado who calls herself Sweet Virginia, named her debut album ‘Leaving Again.’ After listening to the album, the overwhelming feeling is that she shouldn’t leave. The reasons are pretty simple. Virginia definitely has a sweet voice and the seven songs on the album exude songwriting confidence and musical ability. The musical backing, arrangements, and production of the seasoned hand that is A.J. Fullerton all add more than just solid Americana. In addition, the whole album was recorded live in the studio during the course of two days and this gives it yet another hugely positive dimension.

The main elements of why the album works so well lie predominately Sweet Virginia’s songwriting and her excellent voice. Everything else is just very good support. Her press people call it ‘Modern Colorado Sound.’ Possibly the Old Colorado Sound could be John Denver and who knows what Sweet Virginia might share with good old Denver, but it might be that the penchant for that pop line in Americana  could bring her some serious success. 

Frankly, on the evidence of ‘Leaving Again,’ Sweet Virginia would certainly deserve it. Maybe she’ll be kind enough not to leave again. Based on this debut, we certainly would not want her to. 


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