Danny Newcomb “Mackerel Sky” (Rock Candy Mountain, 2020)

Musician Danny Newcomb’s latest album sees him coming from an unusual perspective for someone whose life has been dedicated to rock ‘n’ roll: raising children, and sheep, on a farm on the pastoral Vashon Island. It’s an interesting shift for a man whose earlier career saw him be part of Seattle rock bands Goodness and The Rockfords (the former of which even featured guitarist Mike McCready who, as part of Pearl Jam and Temple of the Dog, scores 10/10 as far as 90s grunge credentials go). But this isn’t a rock record, it’s softer around the edges, touching on folk, and it sees Newcomb using his place of relative solitude to look inwards and examine the human condition. Continue reading “Danny Newcomb “Mackerel Sky” (Rock Candy Mountain, 2020)”