10 great Americana drinking songs

What do you do when you can’t go the pub? Well lockdown has revealed that the answer is… drink more alcohol. So, to accompany your solo swilling, we’ve put together a fine blend of 10 of the most intoxicating Americana drinking songs for the bank holiday weekend. Of course we can only offer a small selection of what is quite an extensive menu, so please do add your own favourite aural tipples in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Continue reading “10 great Americana drinking songs”

Pick of the Political Pops: George Jones “What’s Money?”

This week down in The Bunker in Americana-UK Towers much hilarity was caused when we watched on our Radio Rentals small screen cathode ray tube TV (look it up kids) a statement from The House of Commons from bus driver’s son Say “Jid” Jay “Hawk”. In it he lambasted his former boss, TV personality’s son Boz The Turk, and took aim at the decision to put bus driver junior back in his box for daring to consider that he should have a modicum of freedom to spend (or not spend) the nation’s money as he saw fit. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: George Jones “What’s Money?””