Something for the weekend: GospelbeacH “In the Desert” (Live)

That’s it from us for another week. If you’re a new and emerging americana artist wherever you are in the world, don’t forget our new Twang Factor, kind of like the X-Factor but without the @rseholes (there we go again, we can’t swear in the first few lines of an article, Mailmunch doesn’t like it) – you can find more details of how to enter here. In the meantime we leave you for the weekend dear reader with a track taken from the new live album by LA’s GospelbeacH – ‘Once Upon a Time in London’ was recorded at the beginning of March this year at the Betsey Trotwood, as they describe it “a mere fortnight before the world of live rock and roll seemed to stop in its tracks” and if nothing else serves as a reminder of just how great live music can be. You can buy the album and support the band here. Have a good one.

GospelbeacH + The Swells, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, 27th February 2020

2019 was a mixed year for GospelbeacH. Their fourth album ‘Let It Burn’ was released to critical acclaim in October, just two months after the death of Neal Casal, whose exquisite guitar playing is one of the features of the record. Tonight, GospelbeacH main man Brent Rademaker paid tribute to Casal with some warm words and by calling upon the audience to observe a few moments of silence in his memory. The silence was impeccably observed. However, it was arguably the band’s wonderful trademark Californian sound, brought alive tonight in a scintillating performance, that was their most fitting tribute of all. Continue reading “GospelbeacH + The Swells, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, 27th February 2020”

GospelbeacH keep the flame burning with UK tour next month

AUK favourites, GospelbeacH, have announced five UK dates following the release of their latest album, ‘Let It Burn’ which came out last October through Alive Naturalsound Records. The record has the same sunny California disposition for which the band are renowned, infused with a late ’60s/early ’70s cosmic country vibe and the mellifluous melodies of the Burritos, The Byrds and GP. Continue reading “GospelbeacH keep the flame burning with UK tour next month”

The Hanging Stars launch new album next month with UK tour

London-based folk-psych-country band The Hanging Stars return with their third studio album, ‘A New Kind Of Sky, due out on 21 February 2020. They celebrate the launch of the new record with a great double bill featuring Americana-UK faves, GospelbeacH, at London’s Moth Club on 26th February. Continue reading “The Hanging Stars launch new album next month with UK tour”

GospelbeacH “Let It Burn” (Alive Naturalsound Records)

‘Let It Burn’  is the third studio album from GospelbeacH, the LA based band led by singer-songwriter, Brent Rademaker (formerly of Beachwood Sparks), and the follow up to ‘Another Summer of Love’ (Shindig! magazine Record of the Year 2017). Making a major contribution to the album is guitarist Neal Casal, best known for his work with Ryan Adam’s Cardinals, who sadly passed away aged 50 in August this year, having rejoined GospelbeacH for this record, and his virtuoso playing is a strong element of this album. Continue reading “GospelbeacH “Let It Burn” (Alive Naturalsound Records)”

GospelbeacH “Let It Burn” – Listen

GospelbeacH have a new album coming out on the 4th of October, and it’s called ‘Let It Burn‘ which just happens to also be the title of this new song from the band.  Coincidence?  Well, not so much.  What can we tell you about GospelbeacH that you don’t already know ?  Well, the new album is counted as their third proper studio album – and it sounds dreamily exquisite,and on this song it’s hard to miss the wonderfully soaring guitar solos which come from the late Neal Casal Continue reading “GospelbeacH “Let It Burn” – Listen”

GospelbeacH release another track from new album – Listen

We leave you this weekend dear reader with another little gem from the forthcoming new album from LA band GospelbeacH (not a typo – have to say this every time…). ‘Bad Habits’ will appear on their third proper studio album ‘Let it Burn’ which comes out on Alive Naturalsound Records on October 4th. It’s the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Another Summer of Love’ which we reviewed glowingly back then, even though by that point the world was already going to hell in a handcart. Have a good one, and if you want to avoid taking the album title literally, don’t forget that SPF!

GospelbeacH new album on the way, new single out now – Listen

GospelbeacH have announced their return with a new album ‘Let It Burn’ which is due out October 4th on limited edition vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats via Alive Naturalsound Records. Continue reading “GospelbeacH new album on the way, new single out now – Listen”

GospelbeacH announce new album “Another Winter Alive” – Listen

The lovely, lovely GospelbeacH have announced their new album, seasonly titled ‘Another Winter Alive’ (which is how life feels on earth at the moment) which comes out on November 30th via Alive Naturalsound Records. The album features five previously unreleased studio tracks recorded during the band’s sessions for last years’ ‘Another Summer Of Love’ plus five live songs recorded in London during their California Fantasy tour, revisiting stripped-down live versions of songs from their debut album ‘Pacific Surf Line’. Continue reading “GospelbeacH announce new album “Another Winter Alive” – Listen”

GospelbeacH “Another Summer of Love” (Alive Records, 2017)

The last time I saw Sid Vicious alive was in a supermarket just around the corner from his squat at New Court in Hampstead. He’d been on Top of The Pops with the Sex Pistols the day before, playing ‘Pretty Vacant’ and flashed a massive roll of fivers at me as he paid for his shopping. He said: “You’re still a fucking hippy then? When are you going to get your hair cut?” If Sid was still with us, he’d probably have said the very same thing to GospelbeacH. “Oi! Rademaker! Get yer hair cut!” Sid famously said he was too busy playing with his Action Man to remember the Summer of Love. How he would have reacted to an album called Another Summer of Love is anybody’s guess, but given that Sidney was once caught dancing around his room to Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Surrealistic Pillow’ which included ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘White Rabbit’, I think he would have absolutely loved it. What’s not to love? Continue reading “GospelbeacH “Another Summer of Love” (Alive Records, 2017)”