GospelbeacH “It’s Too Late” – man, it’s never too late, you know?

After a detour into bubblegum covers with last years ‘Jam Jam EP‘, GospelbeacH have returned to wonderfully sparkly new music.  Adding Luther Russells (from labelmates Those Pretty Wrongs and previously The Freewheelers)  pretty 12 string and dirty Westerburg / Mike Campbell Electric guitar to the usual mix of Brent Rademaker, Jon Niemann and Trevor Beld Jimenez ‘It’s Too Late‘ paradoxically arrives just at the right time for those who can’t get enough melancholy pop in the vibe of Petty/ Chilton.  And GospelbeacH are promising more on the new album they’re working on. 

So there’s more to come, but the band do caution that making a full-length album is akin, time-wise, to waiting in the queue for getting new vinyl albums pressed.  In case you’re wondering that’s a long queue (and you can blame a lot of things for that – Adele, Record Store Day, Abba are popular choices – or you could try the rather prosaic physical lack of pressing machines following their scrapping after the wholesale switch to CDs). 

In the meanwhile – blissful sounds to start another week on that blue-green gem whirling in space that we like to call The Earth.


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