Billy Bragg, The Junction, Cambridge, 26th November 2019

Billy Bragg is out on his “1-step forward, 2-steps back” tour which sees him hit a town for a three night stand – a gig with his current mixed set, a gig drawing solely on his first three albums and a third gig taking its material from his fourth through sixth albums. Last week was London, this week Cambridge – it’s a great idea, which is quite obviously popular with the long term fans as the three night tickets sold out pretty quickly, meaning that a lot of those who’ve made this first rainy Tuesday night will be back again tomorrow and the day after. Continue reading “Billy Bragg, The Junction, Cambridge, 26th November 2019”

Beth Bombara “Growing Wings” – Listen

This superb song from Beth Bombara finds her edging almost into Neil Young territory, it’s that key change almost a minute in and the combination of harmony voices. ‘Growing Wings‘ is taken from Bombera’s 2019 release ‘Evergreen‘ which really is a classic set of country nodding rock songs. Continue reading “Beth Bombara “Growing Wings” – Listen”

Sail Cassady “Got The Pace” – Listen

Suicide is not always the quickest of deaths” sings Canadian ​Colin Craveiro​ aka Sail Cassady, explaining that “it’s a slow burn deep in your chest“.   Atmospheric it may be, capturing that bleakness that chills the soul as the days get short and the night become long cold periods of self-reflection, but ‘Got the Pace‘ is not the cheeriest of songs.  But then, not everything is always cheery, is it? Continue reading “Sail Cassady “Got The Pace” – Listen”

Union Duke “Atlas Of Love” – Listen

Union Duke offer this song of anxiety in love – the feeling that one partner in a relationship is a drag on the other, doubly tough when you’re identifying yourself as the drag “You’re the atlas of love / I’m the weight on your back.Continue reading “Union Duke “Atlas Of Love” – Listen”

Jon Boden & The Remnant King, Union Chapel, London, 21st November 2019

This evening at the Union Chapel kicked-off in a low key way with Jon Boden wandering on stage and explaining that there wasn’t really a planned support, but that multi-instrumentalist Rob Harbron would do twenty minutes or so on English concertina. And this he duly did with a series of meandering tunes taken from his new album appropriately entitled ‘Meanders’ which illustrate how inspiration can come from many sources – could be a Travelodge stay, could be the song of a blackbird. Or it could be a deliberate attempt to reconnect with his birthplace by learning Lake District folk tunes that had impinged not one note onto his consciousness in his youth. It made for a nice little extra as a warm up to the gig. Continue reading “Jon Boden & The Remnant King, Union Chapel, London, 21st November 2019”

Dean Summerwind “Parked By The Lake” – Listen

We’re hoping we’re not too late to the punchline on this one, but this song by Dean Summerwind (not his real name) is getting some interest because it takes a song by Dustin Christensen (that is his real name) and completely reworks it to humorous effect.  And goodness knows we could all do with the occasional laugh.  Continue reading “Dean Summerwind “Parked By The Lake” – Listen”

Whiteacre “Peach” – Listen

The sound of the modern world is guitar and banjo, and that’s a sound that Denver’s Whiteacre have plenty of, alongside the percussive driving force of a drum kit.  In Whiteacre’s case that guitar is as likely to be electric and ripping across the more acoustic elements as harmony vocals keep the whole arrangement grounded.  Continue reading “Whiteacre “Peach” – Listen”

Bob Dylan announces new Bootleg Series release

Bob Dylan’s quicksilver nature was captured in that memorable phrase ‘wild mercury sound’, and he’s continued to show his prowess as an alchemist mixing up the medicine and creating mighty potent potions.  What does this have to do with the Bootleg series though.  Well, there is a hint in the picture. Continue reading “Bob Dylan announces new Bootleg Series release”

Eric and the Soo “Great Northern Road” – Listen

Eric Brombacher, the acoustic guitar and vocals of Toronto based roots-rock outfit Eric & The Soo, found ‘Great Northern Road‘ on Tim Ryan’s debut album ‘The Runner‘ which came out in 1970.  Tim Ryan hailed from the same hometown as Eric Brombacher – Sault Ste. Marie (aka ‘The Soo‘) – and as someone who had recently returned to the area to live the album, and this song in particular, really chimed with Eric – so much so that he added ‘Great Northern Road‘ to the band’s repertoire. Continue reading “Eric and the Soo “Great Northern Road” – Listen”

Jason Isbell & Rosanne Cash talk about Dylan in Nashville

It’s all in aid of the new Dylan Bootleg Series release, naturally, but Jason Isbell and Rosanne Cash are two of those talking about ‘Nashville Skyline‘ and ‘John Wesley Harding‘ on a short film put out by Columbia Records.  Continue reading “Jason Isbell & Rosanne Cash talk about Dylan in Nashville”