Ralph McTell extends Streets of London

These are not normal times, that much is for sure.  And in these days of self-isolation Ralph Mctell has asked his listeners to consider the plight of those who can’t self-isolate: how do you stay at home when you have no home?  It’s prompted the folk singer-songwriter to do what he has always refused to do before – add a new verse to ‘Streets of London.Continue reading “Ralph McTell extends Streets of London”

Jonathan Hultén “Where Devils Weep” – Listen

We can’t tell you how often we hear the question “Hey, Americana UK, why don’t you say more about Death-Metal to folk crossover artists, huh ?” And if it is you that has been filling our Email Inbox with this request, well, today is very much your lucky day.  For Jonathan Hultén is just such a one – lead guitarist of Swedish monsters of death-metal Tribulation, he has this year released an introspective acoustic album. Continue reading “Jonathan Hultén “Where Devils Weep” – Listen”

Luke Sital-Singh “Undefeated” – Listen

‘New Haze’ is the upcoming EP from Luke Sital-Singh, which will be released on April 3rd.  In advance of this is the single ‘Undefeated’ which is a co-write with Matt Hales of the band Aqualung.  The song – and in fact the whole EP – was recorded in LA, the city that Luke Sital-Singh relocated to last year. Continue reading “Luke Sital-Singh “Undefeated” – Listen”

Ten great “Los Angeles” songs

Los Angeles seems like some kind of paradise from its iconic images and its magnetic pull on many who work in the visual and audio arts. Yet in song it can seem a much bleaker place than the constant sunshine of the sunshine state might lead one to imagine – it seems to retain the darkness of the long vanished LA of Phillip Marlowe. In music it’s a place that people seem to be going to go, or going from, pining for or wishing they could throw off. Let’s take a bit of a stroll down those wide boulevards – but let’s at least try and save Hollywood for another occasion. Continue reading “Ten great “Los Angeles” songs”

Bob Dylan’s new unheard song: “a song that rolls slow”

It’s been almost eight years since Bob Dylan released brand new music – the albums that followed ‘Tempest‘ were, in general terms, the Sinatra Covers Years. In these strange times though the Nobel prize winning poet has chosen to release a new song that has been years in the making. Continue reading “Bob Dylan’s new unheard song: “a song that rolls slow””

The Lost Brothers “After The Fire After The Rain” (Bird Dog Recordings, 2020)

The Lost Brothers recorded this, their sixth album, in New York with production duties shared between Daniell Schlett and Tony Garnier. As Dylan’s longest serving bass player Tony Garnier naturally also brought some upright bass to the sessions – and naturally, ‘cos it’s that kind of story, the bass used once belonged to Charles Mingus. So there were some legendary elements hanging around the duo of Oisin Leech and Mark McCausland – and there’s that sense of an epic tale being unfolded to ‘After the Fire After the Rain‘. Continue reading “The Lost Brothers “After The Fire After The Rain” (Bird Dog Recordings, 2020)”

Liv Greene “New York’s Arms” – Listen

Liv Greene’s new song ‘New York’s Arms‘ is a beautiful song about lifting yourself up after a let down.  In this case that of seeing “you in the arms of another that night” and the realisation that “it’s easier to move on the further that I go.”  Tinged with sadness that it is, there’s also a celebration of the joys of wanderlust and a New York morning. Continue reading “Liv Greene “New York’s Arms” – Listen”

Sarah Peacock ‘House Of Bones’ – Listen

Sarah Peacock’s new album ‘Burn the Witch‘ is out tomorrow, and it features a set of songs that are touchstones to today which also reflect on the past – the title song for example connects with the 1692 Salem witch trials, whilst other songs find connections that are more directly personal to Peacock.  Continue reading “Sarah Peacock ‘House Of Bones’ – Listen”

Track Premiere: Seán Barna “God Save The Scene”

From his EP ‘Margaret Thatcher Of The Lower East Side‘ comes the new single by Seán Barna, the punning ‘God Save the Scene‘.   It’s an odd title for an EP, perhaps, but Barna explains it thusly “as a songwriter — an observer, really — this feeling is compounded by the social anxiety of my peer group of weirdos, queers, and artists living in an increasingly hostile, hateful America. Through art, music, performance, and substance abuse, they stand their ground. Even evil people like Margaret Thatcher realised you needed to be a steely bitch to survive in this world. Continue reading “Track Premiere: Seán Barna “God Save The Scene””