Christy Moore has new Album on the way – listen now to “Hurt”

Fifty years is no short time in music, and yet that’s what Christy Moore is notching up this year.  By way of celebration of a life in music he’ll be releasing a new album ‘Magic Nights‘ which consists of live music – favourite recordings of favourite songs. The music on ‘Magic Nights‘ has been recorded in venues from Derry to Dublin, Birmingham to Belfast and Liverpool to Lisdoonvarna. Continue reading “Christy Moore has new Album on the way – listen now to “Hurt””

Track Premiere: Caitlin Anne Webster “Wait (On Love)”

Caitlin Anne Webster’s new song digs deep on two levels – there’s the touchstones of her music which serve to give the song a classic traditional folk feel and then there’s the emotional depths with ‘Wait (On Love)’ coming out of the ending of a long-term relationship.  The emotion of the situation is clearly carried through her vocal and the honesty of the lyrics which speak of her “heavy heart” as she “kissed my old man goodbye”Continue reading “Track Premiere: Caitlin Anne Webster “Wait (On Love)””

Al Stewart, The Stables, Wavendon, 1st October 2019

A still in wonderful voice Al Stewart returned to a packed Stables – one of the smaller venues on this current tour – this time bringing along a backing band with him – Chicago’s The Empty Pockets – as well as Marc Maccisso who was a supporting saxophone and flute player on several of the songs. This has been billed as the ‘Hits and Misses Tour‘, so along with some predictable appearances there were a number of songs that made the setlist just because Al Stewart likes them. It’s maybe a comment on the Hits side being somewhat obligatory that a rarer cut might get introduced with a “What’s next? Oh – I like that one.Continue reading “Al Stewart, The Stables, Wavendon, 1st October 2019”

Track Premiere – Fly My Pretties “Quiet Girl”

Fly My Pretties are about to release their first studio album, ‘The Studio Recordings Part One‘, on October 25th.  Not the first album by the New Zealand Super Group – who count members of members of The Black Seeds, Fat Freddy’s Drop, The Phoenix Foundation, Hollie Smith, Bailey Wiley, Trinity Roots, and more amongst the loose collective of fifty or so musicians that have made up the band.  No, Fly My Pretties already have a hefty six live albums to their credit. Continue reading “Track Premiere – Fly My Pretties “Quiet Girl””

Georgia State Line & Patrick Wilson “”What I Know Now” – Listen

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this song by Georgia State Line & Patrick Wilson is that we’re listening to an Australian band.  Of course good music knows no boundaries, but not many capture that outsider Americana sound as well as Georgia State Line (aka Georgia Delves) and Patrick Wilson.  Imagine the likes of Richmond Fontaine with a female lead singer delivering a tale of low expectation and depression. Continue reading “Georgia State Line & Patrick Wilson “”What I Know Now” – Listen”

The March Divide “All I Wanna Do Is Laugh” – Listen

The March Divide is the stage name of Jared Putnam and his latest album ‘Anticipation Pops‘ emerged at the back end of August, and revealed in the a musician moving in a different direction.  Unlike his previous three releases Putnam chose to record at home on the fly, skipping his usual demo and pre-production process.  It gives the new music a spontaneous feel that inform his lyrically deft songs. Continue reading “The March Divide “All I Wanna Do Is Laugh” – Listen”

Nick County & The Rainbow Smoke “Cocorico Simpatico Corazón” (Public Works, 2019)

The second album by self-styled Miami cowboy Nick County, ‘Cocorico Simpatico Corazón‘ is a record of mostly roots-rock, songs that one might call Pettyesque or Mellencamp influenced, but there are exceptions. One such kicks the album out of the starting blocks with blaring horns and a tight rock arrangement not so far from Southside Johnny. ‘I Could Wait For You All Night‘ is a straight up tale of unrequited barroom bravado, with a narrator who has a girl in mind if he could only get the nerve up to get off his bar stool “and buy you a drink, it’s been my plan all along.” ‘Cocorico Simpatico Corazón‘ features quite a few such losers – or non-starters – in love, the other major theme is small time losers who’ve not caught a break. We may all be innocent when we dream, but these guys are just dreaming if they think anyone will believe their stories. Continue reading “Nick County & The Rainbow Smoke “Cocorico Simpatico Corazón” (Public Works, 2019)”

Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers “Baba Vanga” – Listen

Oh my goodness – what is Phoebe Hunt doing to country on her new album ‘Neither One of US is Wrong‘?  Or, put it another way, what is Phoebe Hunt not doing to country on her new album ‘Neither One of US is Wrong‘?  For, within what is still a recognisable structure, Phoebe Hunt and the loose coalition of musicians that make up The Gatherers take paths rarely trodden into what can only be identified as that rarely heard thing, the true Cosmic American Music. Continue reading “Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers “Baba Vanga” – Listen”

Wood Hitch “Gentle Reminder” – Listen

Wood Hitch are Brady Harris and Rose Shawhan, an LA based duo who make Americana-Folk-Pop as showcased on their new eponymous debut EP.  Brady plays the music, both trade vocals, and the sound is dreamy and timeless – could have been recorded this year (as it was) or fifty years ago. Continue reading “Wood Hitch “Gentle Reminder” – Listen”

Ian Janco “Keep Out The Cold” – Listen

Ian Janco’s new single, ‘Keep out the Cold‘ is not a timely reminder to have the boiler serviced in time for the winter or to lay in a stock of fuel for the wood burner in that isolated cabin in the forest that is the typical dwelling of the singer-songwriter.  In fact it really isn’t about the weather at all, it’s a song about feeling homesick, of relocating somewhere and not yet having the connections that make it really feel like that elusive new home. Continue reading “Ian Janco “Keep Out The Cold” – Listen”