The Secret Sisters “Hand Over My Heart” – Listen

Here the sisters sing a song that alludes to a pledge of fealty with the traditional stance of the oath-taker – but it is also a rather more romantic gesture, in both a positive and a negative sense.  Stick with us, we’ll do a drawing if it’s needed.  The tale begins with a recap of love that went wrong: “The one who came before you was unkind / … / so I made him hand over, hand over my heart.” Then new love comes along, the real thing this time, but barriers are hard to pull down – but when they are, what is left but to pledge eternal love? And to pledge it with the most wonderful harmony vocals. Continue reading “The Secret Sisters “Hand Over My Heart” – Listen”

Odessa “Thunder” – Listen

It’s past time for the ethereal, we’ve been denying ourselves the ethereal for far too long.  So, Odessa.  Her new album  new album ‘All Things’ was produced by Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Conor Oberst and…err..Jonathan Wilson), Wilco’s Pat Sansone, and Spoon’s Jim Eno. it’s an album of mature and personal songs, it sounds so complete that it is hard to credit that it comes from a bleak place. Continue reading “Odessa “Thunder” – Listen”

Various Artists “For A Better Life” (Whistlepig Records, 2019)

Here is an album that demonstrates a diverse range of musicians more or less in the Americana, Folk and Indie worlds coming together with songs focused on the same message and with the intention of doing good. ‘For a Better Life‘ has an aim, and it is to raise money to support Immigrant Families Together, and it has a topic and that is “what kind of person thinks it is ok to rip children from their parents, lock them in cages and then distribute them all over the USA and not give a fig about them being able to keep in contact?“. That’s a long question, and it’s a big question and it’s a question that a dozen artists attack in different ways on this excellent compilation. Continue reading “Various Artists “For A Better Life” (Whistlepig Records, 2019)”

Pond Diver “Over The Hill” – Listen

Naturally every track in this section is carefully handpicked to please you dear reader – adding to your musical enjoyment is what we’re all about.  However, some are more equal than others – and we have  feeling you’re really going to like Pond Diver.  Pond Diver hail out of the legendary Muscle Shoals Alabama music scene and for their debut EP ‘Flashbacks‘ they’ve collared some local help to fill out the sound. Continue reading “Pond Diver “Over The Hill” – Listen”

Steve Van Zandt tells RS: “What was I thinking?”

Steve Van Zandt has recently given an in-depth interview with Rolling Stone magazine (which you can read in full here ) on which he touches on such things as his method acting in The Sopranos, the best and the worst parts of fame and success, whether rock is in fact dead and also his greatest mistake. Continue reading “Steve Van Zandt tells RS: “What was I thinking?””

Mercy Bell “Home” – Listen

We don’t underplay the importance that Mercy Bell places on her background, as her publicity proudly declares she is “Nashville queer Filipino-American musician Mercy Bell“.  Which is great, but what is really going to make an impact in a moment or two when you listen to her single ‘Home‘ is the power in her voice. Continue reading “Mercy Bell “Home” – Listen”

Vintage Springsteen set vinyl for re-release

There are, in fact, five albums by Springsteen on their way that have never been re-issued on vinyl since their original release.  It’s a situation that had to be rectified!  Not today, but on the 21st of February when glorious  reissues of  albums from the period 1999-2007 will once more be available. Yeah, we know, “titles – tell us the goddamn titles!”  Nothing easier. Continue reading “Vintage Springsteen set vinyl for re-release”

Fawn “Burden” – Listen

Fawn is the folk-Americana project of Liverpool based singer-songwriter Ilana Zsigmond, born in England but brought up mainly in in New Haven, Connecticut by parents who were themselves touring musicians.  ‘Burden’ is a song about overcoming struggles – whether they be in relationships or other aspects of life.  It’s being released on January 13th as a single and is the first follow up to her 2017 EP ‘Homebody‘. Continue reading “Fawn “Burden” – Listen”

Vetiver, Islington Academy, London, 17th December 2019

The Islington Academy is one of London’s smaller venues, a room that revels in its awkward layout that surely aspires to non-Euclidean geometry, its poor lighting, and its really sticky floor. If it were a pub then it’d be of the spit and sawdust variety. Which is all very down and dirty and rock and roll – the only thing that lets it down on the Indie Cool factor is that it’s located on the first floor of a fairly modern shopping mall, quite near the food court. It’s very odd to step into this dark pit straight from a world of escalators, metal banisters and glass fronted shops. Once in this rock and roll Narnia though it’s easy to forget that the location isn’t just a little more hip. Continue reading “Vetiver, Islington Academy, London, 17th December 2019”

Railroad Earth “The Great Divide” – Listen

Well, that’s the first full week of January 2020 all done and dusted with – time to get going on the rest of the year.  But if it’s been a tough one, you’ll maybe appreciate a gentle groove to get into that weekend mood – and what could be better than the bluegrass-cum-jam band vibe of Railroad Earth ? Continue reading “Railroad Earth “The Great Divide” – Listen”