Annie Dressner “Midnight Bus” – Listen

Today’s new song comes from Annie Dressner’s latest album ‘Coffee At the Corner Bar‘ which was released last month.  You’d never know it from the full sound but it’s a lockdown album – Annie Dressner recorded it at home with her husband Paul Goodwin producing. Continue reading “Annie Dressner “Midnight Bus” – Listen”

Track Premiere: Sam Morrow “Gettin’ By On Gettin’ Down”

Today’s Track Premiere ‘Gettin’ by on Gettin’ Down‘ is the title track of Sam Morrow’s new album, which is slated for release on 30th October on Forty Below Records.  It an album that sees Morrow taking a somewhat direction, toning down his country roots – although they’re still clearly there in the mix – and pushing his rawer rock side to a higher level than before.  Continue reading “Track Premiere: Sam Morrow “Gettin’ By On Gettin’ Down””

Malcolm MacWatt “The Widow And The Cruel Sea” – Listen

Skail – it’s an old Scots word meaning to disperse, scatter and sail over water, it’s also the title of Malcom MacWatt’s new EP, which contains songs of the emigrant links between Scotland and America.  ‘The Widow and the Cruel Sea‘ tells a story of hardship in a fishing community, the forging of compromised bonds and the beckoning light of hope across the Atlantic. Continue reading “Malcolm MacWatt “The Widow And The Cruel Sea” – Listen”

Becky Kapell “I Don’t Know” – Listen

There are lots of things we don’t know about Becky Kapell, but one thing we’re sure of is that the first single from her upcoming new album is ‘I Don’t Know‘.  We’re not sure when the new album is coming out, it might be called ‘In It to Win It‘, but then again it might not be.  Life’s full of mysteries, and that’s where Becky Kapell came in on this song. Continue reading “Becky Kapell “I Don’t Know” – Listen”

Suzanne Vega – Live Stream from the Blue Note NY, 9th October 2020

It’s still a live experience, one repeats endlessly to oneself, and it is: Suzanne Vega and her band (Jeff Allen – upright bass, Gerry Leonard – lead guitar, Jason Heart – piano & keyboards) are in the Blue Note Cafe in New York at the same time as we’re watching them.  This, and a similar concert the night before were fundraisers for closed venues.   And, since this venue was also empty there’s no audience chatter – except on the comments chat feed on the side of the computer screen – and the camera could wander as freely as it liked to give close-ups of Gerry Leonard playing lead guitar, or to catch Vega from any angle you could want. As if one has every good seat in the house. So, definitely live. Continue reading “Suzanne Vega – Live Stream from the Blue Note NY, 9th October 2020”

Spencer Burton “Further” – Listen

Evolution.  What does that mean?  For Spencer Burton it means starting off in music in the punk band Attack in Black, before moving to a dark country-inspired sound under the anonymity of his Grey Kingdom moniker before adopting his own name for his solo work since 2012.  There’s a further musical evolution that’s obvious in today’s song ‘Further’ which glistens with Indie Rock touches mixed into that folky/rootsy mix.  It makes for something glorious and uplifting. Continue reading “Spencer Burton “Further” – Listen”

Sturgill Simpson “Cuttin’ Grass, Vol 1 : The Butcher Shoppe Sessions” (High Top Mountain Records, 2020)

Sturgill Simpson is a man in a hurry. Having established a reputation as a distinctive voice tackling those Cosmic issues in his own way, with albums such as ‘Metamodern Sounds in Country Music‘ and ‘A Sailor’s Guide to Earth‘, he took a quick ‘Trans‘ shaped excursion with his last album ‘Sound & Fury‘ which brought in a rockier sound – and many synthesizers – and an accompanying anime film. Clearly not one to sit on his laurels, or to do the predictable thing, the new album ‘Cuttin; Grass Vol 1‘ is a double LP sized serving of his native Kentucky’s traditional bluegrass.  It’s not an obvious move, but one that is likely to cause less furore than accompanied the appearance of ‘Sound & Fury‘. Continue reading “Sturgill Simpson “Cuttin’ Grass, Vol 1 : The Butcher Shoppe Sessions” (High Top Mountain Records, 2020)”

John Calvin Abney “Shine Like A Friend” – Listen

John Calvin Abney returns with a new album ‘Familiar Ground‘ on November 20th, a follow up to his well received ‘Safe Passage‘ of 2019.  Today’s song ‘Shine Like a Friend‘ has a relaxed blissed out feel to its meditations on times and them changing and passing. Continue reading “John Calvin Abney “Shine Like A Friend” – Listen”

Mimi Gilbert “Dark Storm” – Listen

The first thing you’ll notice about Mimi Gilbert is her arresting vocal.  And the second thing you’ll notice about Mimi Gilbert is her arresting lyrics – ‘Dark Storm‘ just bristles with external menace and dread.  Disaster has befallen her – she cannot see clearly, she can’t recognise where she is.  She needs help – that’s for certain  – only thing is “I can’t afford it“, which leaves her blundering around and punching walls and all the time claiming that “I’m solving it“.  Right.  Sounds like a solution. If the problem happens to be not hurting yourself enough. Continue reading “Mimi Gilbert “Dark Storm” – Listen”

Track Premiere: Martin Ruby “Marfa”

Martin Ruby – who also goes under the name Marco North – is a songwriter who finds a lot to draw on for inspiration in his life.  He started off in the New York music scene with, as he says, “Jeff Buckley literally played two doors over.”  He recalls playing in the World Trade Centre, he recalls watching them fall.  Then there’s the twist of fate which has led him to live in Moscow for the last fourteen years. Continue reading “Track Premiere: Martin Ruby “Marfa””