Interview: Cow Pie, a record label for UK country in 2020

If anyone has ever had the temerity to question the UK in Americana UK then this interview with Patrick Hart, chief cook and bottle washer and owner of Cow Pie Records will put that question to bed once and for all. Cow Pie Records was originally founded in the second half of the ‘70s by UK pedal steel player extraordinaire, B J Cole, who has played with everyone from Elton John and Scott Walker to The Verve and Spiritualised,  when he somehow managed to persuade United Artists to provide a budget and a licensing deal. Continue reading “Interview: Cow Pie, a record label for UK country in 2020”

AUK’s top 10 americana albums ever: Mark Nenadic

AUK’s quest to identify the top ten americana albums ever continues. Each week one of our writers chooses their own personal selections and when they have all contributed, a short-list will be drawn up, from which they will be invited to vote for our ultimate top ten. This week Mark Nemadic brings a healthy dose of cynicism to the process, not to mention some bloody good records too. Continue reading “AUK’s top 10 americana albums ever: Mark Nenadic”

AUK’s top 10 americana albums ever: Tim Martin

At AUK we are on a quest to find the ‘top 10 americana albums ever’. Over the last few weeks our writers have been going through the mental anguish of trying to narrow the whole history of americana down to just ten albums. When every writer has had their say, a shortlist of the most frequently chosen albums will be drawn up and voted on, in order to generate the definitive AUK writers top ten. With 10 writers now having had their say we are a quarter of the way through and we hope you agree that it’s been a fascinating series. Straight on to number 11 then. This week’s selections come from Bristol’s very own Tim Martin. Continue reading “AUK’s top 10 americana albums ever: Tim Martin”

“What Is This Americana Thing Anyway…?” – Richard Phillips

It’s time, folks, for another instalment of our feature in which the writers of AUK attempt to put into words their personal reflections of what our genre is and why they love it so much. This time Richard Phillips, lover of cheap records and twelve-string guitars tells us where it’s at musically speaking. Continue reading ““What Is This Americana Thing Anyway…?” – Richard Phillips”

AmericanA to Z – Emmylou Harris

As a renowned singer, songwriter and musician, Emmylou Harris will no doubt need little or no introduction. Harris is, without doubt, one of the all-time greats. Her contribution to music over the years is summed up magnificently in the notes accompanying her 2005 compilation album ‘The Very Best of Emmylou Harris: Heartaches and Highways’ as “a cornerstone of the country-rock genre, who led country music back to its roots, who was a trailblazer for female musical collaborations, who prefigured the resurgence of bluegrass, and who became a key artist of the Americana movement”. Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Emmylou Harris”

What Is This Americana Thing Anyway…?

Our occasional feature on the whys and wherefores of Americana is back – this time featuring prolific writer and former metal fiend turned Gram Parson aficionado Mark Underwood. He once upon a time used to write for Music Week don’t you know (we didn’t). Continue reading “What Is This Americana Thing Anyway…?”

David Celia and Marla, The Bell Inn, Bath, 17th April 2018

Toronto’s David Celia has seen it all touring extensively across Europe and North America in promotion of his latest album ‘Double Mind‘, so he’s picked up a trick or two along the way. Tonight’s turnout on a cold Tuesday night was below-par by The Bell’s standards but the Canadian singer/songwriter made the best of it early on, acknowledging the fact with a wry joke and pressing gamely ahead. He was joined by Marla, a fellow singer/songwriter from Germany and together they threw up images of a young Gram and Emmylou stepping out for the first time full of hope and fresh original songs of change. The venue lent itself to the atmosphere; The Bell is an intimate and dedicated shrine to the glory years of transatlantic musical heroes. Continue reading “David Celia and Marla, The Bell Inn, Bath, 17th April 2018”