What should I do, Americana UK?

Following on from last time’s meteorological issue we found that the floodgates had been opened to the physical sciences.  Today we find that Canadian Joni Mitchell has a problem that could be regarded as a combination of the cartographical and the geological.  Sitting down in our office Joni spilled the beans “I guess it’s too early“, she said – although it was well after noon – “and I just don’t know where I stand.” Continue reading “What should I do, Americana UK?”

Book Review: Ruth Charnock “Joni Mitchell: New Critical Readings” (Bloomsbury 2020)

This book made its debut in hardback in January of last year and now gets its awaited paperback release. Ruth Charnock, Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Lincoln, has pulled together a fascinating collection of essays and literary studies on a wide range of subjects connected to Joni Mitchell. From her guitar playing technique to her position as a feminist icon, this collection of writings, from various academics working in the fields of popular music and literary studies can, at first glance, look more than a little daunting. Continue reading “Book Review: Ruth Charnock “Joni Mitchell: New Critical Readings” (Bloomsbury 2020)”

Here’s 10 americana songs with great lyrics

Given the way in in which people typically consume music nowadays, all too often the lyrics are sidelined, if not completely overlooked. But great lyrics are often what make the best songs truly memorable. The following is the first in an occasional series about songs with great lyrics. Mark Underwood explains what makes the following 10 tracks so special. Continue reading “Here’s 10 americana songs with great lyrics”