Songs for the apocalypse: Kasey Chambers “On a Bad Day”

Last week’s choice in this column was an Aussie and in no way attempting to replicate our americana chain, this week’s is coincidentally too (I say coincidentally like this is something happening to me). Kasey Chambers’ first album ‘The Captain’ featured quite a lot of Buddy and Julie Miller and put her name on the map, but it was the follow up ‘Barricades & Brickwalls’ which featured among others Lucinda Williams and went to number one in 2001. Despite containing its most noted song ‘Not Pretty Enough’ (which also got to number one in Australia), it was the follow-up single ‘On a Bad Day’ which I just fell in love with. The melody. Those words. Her voice. I quite often have bad days too, which makes it all the more beautiful.

Americana A-Z – Kasey Chambers

It would have been simple to have taken the path of least resistance and gone for Kris Kristofferson (and even had two K’s for the price of one), but no, here are at Americana UK we don’t do things the easy way and opted instead for a generally much less widely known artist in the form of Kasey Chambers. Continue reading “Americana A-Z – Kasey Chambers”