Video Premiere: Katie Blount “Dark Water”

Katie Blount’s voice is simply beautiful and full of character on ‘Dark Water’, the title track from her new album.  In our review, we described the album as, “Intricate, spellbinding modern-day folk,” which is a perfect summary of Blount’s sound.  This melancholy song is about the slow and gentle unravelling of a relationship and it showcases Blount’s talent for writing poetic lyrics that expose the emotional heart of the narrative.  We are very pleased to premiere ‘Dark Water’.  Lovely.

Katie Blount “Dark Water” (Independent, 2020)

‘Dark Water’ is a tough album to review, but for a reason that does British singer-songwriter Katie Blount’s nine-track debut no discredit whatsoever. The “problem”  is that while ‘Dark Water’ packs several punches of the folk-tinged  acoustic-guitar-based variety, such is  the knock-out potency of the last song, ‘Orion Sky’,  that it risks completely eclipsing what’s come before.
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