Video: Wayne Graham “Some Days”

A lush sound and a lovely vocal melody elevate ‘Some Days’ by the band Wayne Graham, led by brothers Kenny and Hayden Miles.  The band, named after the brothers’ characterful grandfathers, has put out six albums and an EP, honing their blend of roots genres over the years.  Kenny explains their process: “When you’re recording, you’re making a painting.  You add layers until you’re really taken by the image you see — or the thing you hear.”  Continue reading “Video: Wayne Graham “Some Days””

Video: Delta Spirit “Home Again”

Excellent guitar and catchy hooks are a feature, once again, of the latest video from Delta Spirit.  Like the song, the video is warm, uplifting and emotional.  It’s taken from the brand new album, ‘What Is There’, the band’s first full-length release in six years.  The time apart and the effective blending of various influences, such as rock, Americana and psychedelia, has led to a focused new sound on the the impressively consistent album. Continue reading “Video: Delta Spirit “Home Again””

Video: Yola “To Be Young, Gifted and Black”

Yola shows, once again, what a wonderful voice she has as she sings the civil rights anthem ‘To Be Young, Gifted and Black’ on Late Night with Seth Meyers.  There’s incredible emotion in the vocal and the performance.  It was filmed at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium where she’ll make her headline debut on 11th May next year.  Continue reading “Video: Yola “To Be Young, Gifted and Black””

Video: Ben Harper “Inland Empire”

Simply, breathtakingly beautiful.  Ben Harper is an incredibly talented performer and, here, he shows how the lap steel guitar can be used to create musical poetry.  It needs no words.  Harper has just announced the release of ‘Winter is for Lovers’, a new solo album coming soon.  The record will feature 15 original compositions, just Harper and his lap steel, imagined as a symphony.  He explains the album: “This is my first entirely instrumental album.  It is stark, bare-bones, just me and my lap steel guitar. It is purposefully produced to sound intimate and spare as if I am playing in your living room. Continue reading “Video: Ben Harper “Inland Empire””

Video: Phil Hooley “Learning to be Still”

The latest single from Phil Hooley features his typically warm, rich vocals, which are perfectly suited to this reflective song.  The timely lyrics touch on mindfulness, adapting to our challenging circumstances and developing new habits in a changing world.  Visually and sonically, ‘Learning to be Still’ is suitably calming with images provided by Video with Wings.  Scott Poley’s pedal steel and Mel Osten’s backing vocals blend well with Hooley’s distinctive voice, benefiting from excellent production by Justin Johnson.  Forthcoming album, ‘Songs from the Back Room’, is one to look out for.  In the meantime, take some time, be still and absorb this.

Video Premiere: Grace Pettis “Drop Another Pin”

In a time of turbulent change, very little feels permanent anymore.  The new single from Grace Pettis focuses on the importance of being able to live in the moment, grounding yourself while accepting the shifting world around you.  With a catchy vocal melody and hooks, ‘Drop Another Pin’ becomes an upbeat celebration of this approach to life.  Recorded on her husband’s mobile phone during the lockdown, the video has a retro feel, achieved by adding overlays of stock footage.    Continue reading “Video Premiere: Grace Pettis “Drop Another Pin””

Video Premiere: Matthew McDaid “Look Away Sun Child”

Matthew McDaid was born and raised in Northern Ireland but moved with his family to the Barcelona region in 2005.  In recent years, he has been building a reputation as one of the finest musicians on Spain’s Americana and folk circuit where his work is released on Joana Serrat’s Grand Canyon Records.  His debut full-length release, ‘Off the Beaten Track’, was well-received internationally and was shared at New York’s International Americana Music Show as one of the highlights of 2017. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Matthew McDaid “Look Away Sun Child””

Video: Creature Comfort “Big, Buff, and Handsome”

Here is a fabulously uplifting way to begin your Friday.  With a great bass line, ‘Big, Buff, and Handsome’ is upbeat fun and just what we need right now.  The video takes an amusing look at masculinity and it features a starring appearance from Big Foot.  The Nashville-based band is set to release their sophomore full-length album, ‘Home Team’, on 30th October.  Following several well-received singles, it promises to deliver more sun-drenched, hook-laden songs to tap your feet to.  On the album, Creature Comfort wrap their buoyant sound around some weighty themes, such as police brutality.  The self-proclaimed ‘bootgaze’ band come highly recommended.

Video Premiere: Shira “Wait for Me”

One of the many consequences of the global pandemic and lockdowns all over the world is that huge numbers of people have been separated from their loved ones.  Right when we need them most.  Although ‘Wait for Me’ was written just before the pandemic, the song has taken on much greater meaning in recent months as reflected by the new video.  While touring in Barcelona, back when touring was a thing, Shira met and fell in love with her the man who is now her fiancé. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Shira “Wait for Me””

Video: Mean Mary “Come Along”

Wow.  That is how to play the banjo.  ‘Come Along’ is the opening track on Mean Mary’s new album, ‘Alone’, due out on 18th September.  All the songs on the album were recorded alone in Mary’s home studio in Nashville: just Mary’s timeless voice and her banjo or guitar (or ‘banjitar’ – a cross between the two).   “I’m just a banjo picker,” she sings on this song, which is a real understatement from a fabulous player who has over 15 million views on her YouTube channel.  A musical prodigy who could play the banjo, guitar and violin by seven years old, Mary is a real talent.  Check out this fast, finger-picking fun.