Los Brujos “Alchemy” (InSeam Records, 2020)

This digital-only release EP can be seen as a sign of the times we are all currently having to endure. I am not sure how much of a long-term band Los Brujos are, and they definitely aren’t the ‘90s Argentinian rock band they share a name with, comprising as they do musicians who met on the Massachusetts’ roots music scene, Chuck Melchin of Bean Pickers Union and Michael Spaly of Green Monroe, who have a long history of playing together and have collaborated on various previous projects. Like many musicians, they found themselves with time on their hands due to COVID and decided to record the ‘Alchemy’ EP remotely from their current home studios in Michigan and New Hampshire. The EP, or Extended Play 45, first appeared as long ago as 1952 and the format has gone through various phases of popularity right up to the present day when it again is experiencing a rise in popularity with artists. EPs are relatively cheap to produce and allow artists to maintain Continue reading “Los Brujos “Alchemy” (InSeam Records, 2020)”