Interview: Mark Mulcahy

Since his days fronting the wonderful Miracle Legion, whose unique, inspirational guitar-driven ‘pop’ spanned intermittently over twenty years in various line-ups, New Englander Mark Mulcahy has been making superlative solo albums. His latest, ‘The Gus’ is no exception. A lolloping, hugely-engaging album, this is a record that warrants any discerning ear. A spectator, voyeur if you will, Mulcahy has that rare gift of being able to pinpoint everyday moments, magnify them, and deliver a short, sharp vignette with carefree ease. ‘The Gus’ is full to the brim with such moments.  Americana-UK catches up with the singer-songwriter ahead of his upcoming full-band UK tour. Continue reading “Interview: Mark Mulcahy”