AmericanA to Z – Viper Central

Starting out as a Bluegrass band, Vancouver’s Viper Central have seen some changes over the years – in line-up and in musical direction.  A constant since the band formed in 2007 is the main songwriter, fiddle player and lead singer Kathleen Nisbet, and the current Viper Central line up is made up of Steven Charles (guitar, banjo, bass, vocals), Mark Vaughan (mandolin, bass),  Patrick Metzger or Joseph Lubinsky-Mast (Bass, vocals), Tim Tweedale (dobro, vocals) or Christopher Suen (banjo, guitar, vocals),  and Leon Power (drums for their electric sets). Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Viper Central”

Viper Central “The Spirit of God & Madness” (Independent, 2017)

Viper Central have been known as a first-rate Bluegrass band since their debut album The Devil sure is hard to please appeared in 2008, but this latest release – Viper Central’s third album – sees them heading off in some new directions. The Canadian quintet have taken the bold step to incorporate a more modern folk band feel onto several new tunes, as well as some western swing (the Mariachi trumpet infected Losing My Mind) and country-folk, it certainly makes for an eclectic mix and something quite different from their previous offerings. Continue reading “Viper Central “The Spirit of God & Madness” (Independent, 2017)”