Will Hoge “Tiny Little Movies” (Thirty Tigers, 2020)

Top class writing with a great sound and a sense of authenticity could be a recipe for the perfect Americana album, and Will Hoge delivers that full package in abundance with his 11th album ‘Tiny Little Movies.’ A master storyteller, Hoge has each of these tracks tell a short tale evoking life in Middle America, but mix and matches up the musical stylings. There are quieter songs, but this album is tending to the rockier part of the Americana spectrum, but full of heart and soul, melody and harmony and so easy to listen to and enjoy. Continue reading “Will Hoge “Tiny Little Movies” (Thirty Tigers, 2020)”

Will Hoge “The Overthrow” – Listen

Will Hoge’s new album ‘Tiny Little Movies‘ sees the Nashville based musician continuing along his path of blue-collar rock, where amplified guitars creating compelling riffage is of great importance – but not greater than the lyrics which can lead into some interesting territory.  There’s an easy to grasp subtext to ‘The Overthrow‘ with it’s condemnation of a TV personality whose promises aren’t worth the breath they take to utter.  Ok, we can see where that’s come from when Hoge condemns “Darth Vader with a spray tan and a girlie magazine” to the dustbin of history. Turns out, though, that this wasn’t the original idea. Continue reading “Will Hoge “The Overthrow” – Listen”

Will Hoge “The Curse” – Listen

Showing a proactive approach to social distancing – ain’t no-one sharing this bench and still maintaining a 2.0 m safe distance – Will Hoge shows through every action that he’s taking no chances.  ‘The Curse‘ is the lead single from his upcoming album on Thirty Tigers ‘Tiny Little Movies‘ and finds the Nashville based rocker grasping at straws of freedom. Continue reading “Will Hoge “The Curse” – Listen”

Will Hoge + Curran, Night & Day, Manchester, 11th July 2019

So, the Australian minx, Kylie was playing the other side of town at the same time as this lot trooped in. Tremendously entertaining apparently, with glitter bombs, dance troop, synchronised light show etc. Also, no doubt, sequenced tapes, click tracks, covering backing singers. Colourful, fun, singalongs, a real show. But not a gig. Four people walking onto a stage, plugging in, frets raised, count of four and with a crash we are immediately lifted and off we go, that’s a gig. Continue reading “Will Hoge + Curran, Night & Day, Manchester, 11th July 2019”

Will Hoge announces summer UK dates

Will Hoge has announced a limited run of UK tour dates in Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, and London from tomorrow until 12th of July. The Nashville singer-songwriter has received critical praise for his latest album ‘My American Dream’, (Rolling Stone naming it as one of the Best Albums of 2018) which came out last October via EDLO/Thirty Tigers in the UK. It’s described as “the fiercest, angriest, and most heartfelt collection of songs he’s released… Eight songs of rabble-rousing political commentary that turns a critical eye on the crisis of conscience and culture threatening to tear apart his country, the album is Hoge’s impassioned portrait of what he holds dear — and what we all might risk losing.”  Continue reading “Will Hoge announces summer UK dates”

Interview: Will Hoge

Nashville’s Will Hoge has been making records since the turn of the century and built a sizeable following for his brand of honest, heartfelt, and as on the new album, ‘My American Dream‘ thought-provoking music. Never one  to shy away from the issues of the day, Hoge has produced an album that perfectly encapsulates both personal and universal questions on what it means to be an american artist in an ever-changing, volatile political climate.  Americana-UK catches up with Hoge prior to a run of UK dates in December.  Continue reading “Interview: Will Hoge”

Will Hoge sets out his American Dream – October

Rolling Stone are reporting this morning that Nashville americana artist Will Hoge has announced a politically-charged new album called ‘My American Dream’, a collection of eight songs that touches on social issues including immigration and the homeless. The album will be released October 5th. They report: “In November, the Tennessee native released “Thoughts & Prayers,” a protest song that took politicians and the NRA to task for the increasing amount of mass shootings in the United States. That song also appears on My American Dream, and Hoge released a lyric video for the track this week that juxtaposes the hollow tweets of politicians with hard facts about gun violence. Continue reading “Will Hoge sets out his American Dream – October”

Will Hoge hits the UK for dates – tonight!

Will Hoge arrives in the UK today for a full band tour promoting his latest album ‘Anchors’ which Rolling Stone described as being “about that duality – an anchor itself both weighs things down and keeps them grounded, and Hoge explores the comfort and crush of small towns, the freedom and limits of love.” Support comes from Scottish Troubadour Dean Owens who’s album ‘Southern Wind’ was released last week.  Click through for the dates. Continue reading “Will Hoge hits the UK for dates – tonight!”

Will Hoge arrives in UK, new album on the way

Tennessee (what a word to spell at 10 in the morning) native Will Hoge arrives in the UK next week to promote his new album “Anchors” which is out on August 11th and features among other tracks a song he recorded with Sheryl Crow Little Bit of Rust which you can listen to below.  “I hit a wall,” says Hoge. “I was doing the best touring of my career and I had a great, steady gig writing songs, but I was falling out of love with being in a band. I didn’t have a good answer when I asked myself, ‘Why am I still doing this?’ Continue reading “Will Hoge arrives in UK, new album on the way”