Video: Icarus Phoenix “25 years of film photography aka 80’s Night Dance Party Singing ‘Send Me an Angel'”

We ran a track by Utah musician Drew Danburry’s Icarus Phoenix moniker last week but this one slipped by under the radar a few weeks ago. It’s another gem, to the extent that it made our AUK supporters playlist this month. Drew said of the song: “I was invited to an 80’s Night themed Dance Party birthday party. Upon arrival, everyone was standing around in their 80’s costumes drinking beer but not dancing. So I danced with reckless abandon. But as I rode my bike home that night, I reflected on the social aspects of the party and my own weird social struggles. Why it’s so hard to leave the house. Why I’d rather stay home (or write a song, or ride my bike) than go to a party. Why I generally try to avoid nostalgia and live in the now. I could go on. It was a fascinating experience that spawned a lot of questions.” It’s delightful, as always. Dig it.

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