Video: The Felice Brothers “Silverfish”

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

Releasing the third track from their forthcoming album, ‘From Dreams To Dust‘, The Felice Brothers share the official video for ‘Silverfish‘.

The song finds Ian Felice wearily considering his frustrations with matters domestic. His peace and quiet is under siege from the natural world: insects and bugs are terrorising his girlfriend, his mother’s befriending the local raccoons, birds of prey are snatching his neighbour’s pets and a family of mice has taken up residence in his cherished Honda Fit. His frayed patience is pushing him – albeit reluctantly by the sounds of it – to take drastic action. “I gotta do something // I know what it is // It’s killing // I know what it means // And it’s killing me.”

The video was shot by James Felice himself and results from his new interest in close-up filming and detailed examination of the insect world in and around where he lives and works. “I found all the bugs in this video just walking around where I live or work. I have a lens that I attach to my phone, and I keep a keen eye out. Little brings me more joy than seeing a speck of something on a leaf or a sidewalk, getting in close and observing a little life unfolding before my eyes.”

Mixed with in with some old-school found footage, the insect world is unsentimentally exposed by Felice’s camera in all its brutality… it seems that in Felice’s neighbourhood you either eat or be eaten. The found footage has a similar grim sentiment, highlighting the history of mankind’s chemical onslaught on nature, in the form of industrial weedkillers, and foreshadowing the writer’s looming showdown with the bugs that are bugging his girlfriend. A glimmer of hope comes from a simple but still powerful motif – reversed footage of fallen trees, now seeming to spring back to life.

It’s a powerful, starkly beautiful video for a starkly beautiful song. Masterful as ever.

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