Great American Trainwreck “Hell On The Rise” – Listen

Great American Trainwreck are a five piece band operating out of Seattle who have been playing for a couple of years, time enough to get their eponymous debut album together – it’s out on May 23rd.  The band formed when Stephanie Ward and Chuck Dunklin decided to take a new approach to the music they … Continue reading “Great American Trainwreck “Hell On The Rise” – Listen”

The Burning Hell “Baby” (BB*Island, 2018)

Frank Zappa asked the question in 1986, “Does Humour Belong In Music?” I don’t know if that was a rhetorical question or not, but to head uncertainty off at the pass, the answer is yes. Flight of the Conchords and the national treasure (TM John Peel) that is Half Man Half Biscuit, are just two … Continue reading “The Burning Hell “Baby” (BB*Island, 2018)”

Michelle Lewis “All That’s Left” (Independent, 2018)

Michelle Lewis makes folk music. This is a broad and unhelpful description. You’re welcome! It’s true though that at the root of this record is a solo performer with acoustic guitar and a rich, sweet voice. However, Lewis infuses this simple, time-tested formula with subtle yet lush electronic and organic musical arrangements.

Joan Shelley + Maiden Radio, The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, 10th October 2018

Joan Shelley is no stranger to Glasgow’s Glad Cafe. Returning to the venue for a fourth time, the Kentucky-born artist has built up a loyal following. Whether a long term fan or a relative newbie attracted by Shelley’s 2017 self-titled album, a sell-out crowd filled the intimate south side room anticipating a night of fine … Continue reading “Joan Shelley + Maiden Radio, The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, 10th October 2018”

Michelle Shocked returns to UK for dates

Described in the press release as the “Godmother of Americana”, the sometimes excellent Michelle Shocked returns to our shores next month, hopefully in a less biblical mood than 2013, for a series of dates.  The tour promises “small, intimate venues and combining tracks from her sizeable back catalogue with stories from the road, and a … Continue reading “Michelle Shocked returns to UK for dates”

Dirty Dozen: Talitha Rise

Talitha Rise are Jo Beth Young and Martyn Barker. Their songs are a combination of Art Pop and Progressive Folk inviting the listener into a world of ethereal landscapes and bohemia. Accomplished live performers, their chemistry together offers any audience an opportunity to step outside of their heads and witness a psychedelic, raw and tribal … Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Talitha Rise”

Darlingside, Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London, 21st November 2019.

The English Folk Dance and Song Society are based in Cecil Sharp House, a large yet somewhat unassuming building in a quiet back street of Camden, North London. Opened in 1930, it is named after the English folk dance and song collector Cecil Sharp (1859-1924) and hosts a consistently high quality programme of music events, … Continue reading “Darlingside, Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London, 21st November 2019.”

R.W. Roldan “Can You Feel This” (Allswell Records, 2019)

Ray William Roldan is based in Topanga CA. part of western Los Angeles. As an artist, he likes to be called R.W. Roldan. This album is memorable and remarkable. The first track, is just the right introduction to RW’s work: Here he is, telling a story of American life as it was and still is, … Continue reading “R.W. Roldan “Can You Feel This” (Allswell Records, 2019)”

John Paul White + Ciaran Lavery, Islington Assembly Hall, London, 5th September 2019

Appropriately enough, ‘Ol’ 55′ was playing on the intro’ tape as John Paul White prepared to take the the stage at a near- full Islington Assembly Hall, unusually set in an all seated configuration. ‘The Hurting Kind‘, the new album by White, is very much in the same frame as the Tom Waits classic -big … Continue reading “John Paul White + Ciaran Lavery, Islington Assembly Hall, London, 5th September 2019”

Studio Life – Danny Schmidt

For many years, Danny Schmidt has been releasing critically-acclaimed albums, full of consistently exceptional songcraft and intelligent lyricism. The Texan singer-songwriter is known for his delicate, folk guitar, warm voice and poetic approach to his subjects. A genuine troubadour, Schmidt’s songs of wit and wisdom have a timeless quality. Although Schmidt usually performs solo, he’s … Continue reading “Studio Life – Danny Schmidt”