Alison Brown & Steve Martin “Foggy Morning Breaking” – Scruggs Style and Clawhammer duet

Wednesday afternoon – at last.  What a week it has been, tell me about it.  Crazy.  So much craziness all around – don’t get me started.  You know, it’s a real relief to reach the Chilled Out Banjo Duet Instrumental Section of Americana UK this week.  And what a Chilled Out Banjo Duet Instrumental Section we have for you today.  Not just Alison Brown on three-finger picking but that Renaissance man Steve Martin on Clawhammer.  It is too good to believe – but it is true.  All we can do is echo Alison Brown who says: “”Is there any sweeter sound than clawhammer and 3-finger banjo in double C tuning?  I wrote the A melody for this tune and texted Steve asking if he wanted to add to it. Within a day, he sent back the perfect B section. In the spirit of the times, we hammered out the bridge over Zoom. The title comes from a clever turn of phrase courtesy of John Hartford.

Foggy Morning Breaking‘ features Brown and Martin leading on banjos with the pair joined by Sierra Hull on mandolin, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Punch Brother Chris Eldridge on guitar and Todd Phillips on bass.

Now we have to inform you that there is a music only video available for this piece, but it would be a crime, a crime we say, not to use the accompanying recording session video.  And we are many things, but we’re not felons – anyone who says different is part of a conspiracy…

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