Andrea Ramolo “Italian Summer” – non si lavora più per una settimana o due

Just to prove – should such proof be needed – that not all of the singer-songwriter output is doom laden and melancholic Canadian Andrea Ramolo has a new single out, and it is focused on dreams of a distant Italy.  Of course we’re cheating a little  – ‘Italian Summer‘ may be breezy with a hint of longing and wish-fulfilment, but Ramolo is of Italian descent herself and the unfolding of the European branch of the Pandemic in Italy led, in part, to this song as a hope for the future.  Ok, that is doom laden, but it’s really well hidden.

Andrea Ramolo has a new album coming, ‘Quarantine Dream‘, in October.  It’s a record that has emphasized the use of female talent because as Ramolo explains: “I made the decision you need to be the change. The music industry is a man’s world; there aren’t hundreds of women coming out of the woodwork because we haven’t been given the opportunities. I have worked with really good men, but this is an opportunity to start the shift. It has to start with us women hiring women.

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